Triumph Pavilion 2014 Exhibition, London

Triumph Pavilion 2014 Exhibition, London Architecture Event

Triumph Pavilion 2014 Exhibition, London

English Architecture Event – sponsored by ArchTriumph

29 May 2014

Dream Pavilion

London, England

Design: IPT Architects
Sponsor: ArchTriumph

Dream Pavilion is a self-supporting structure measuring 4m in height and approximately 59 m² in area, constructed primarily out of OSB sheet, timber and untreated mild steel. It is the design of a London based architecture practice.

Dream Pavilion London 1

IPT Architect working with Ecospace to realise the vision of a shifting form from solidity to transparency as an interpretation of the dream theme.

The Pavilion is a showcase structure to spotlight the work of an architect or design team and invites visitors to dream about a unique space, creating a place, achieving an ambition or simply being inspired by a series of thoughts, images and sensations within the unique setting of the Museum gardens.

Dream Pavilion London 2

Architect’s Vision Statement:
The pavilion aims to provoke discussions about architectural aspirations and creativity through exploring geometries to create inspiring spatial forms. Although there is a prescribed circulation route through the pavilion, thresholds

between inside and outside are blurred and visitors can weave through the spaces towards the perimeter seats for further reflection.

There can be a fine line between a dream and reality, thus the perception of the pavilion constantly shifts from solidity to transparency depending on the vantage point. The pavilion structure creates inspiring and ever-changing shadows according to the movement of the sun.

Dream Pavilion London 3

ArchTriumph – Triumph of Architecture & Design Triumph Pavilion 2014: Dream Pavilion by IPT Architects
Sponsor: ArchTriumph (website:
Exhibition (During the London Festival of Architecture): 05 June – 30 June 2014
Location: Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA
Entry: Free Admission
Opening Times: Gardens open daily

Triumph Pavilion 2014 Exhibition information from ArchTriumph

Location:Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA