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Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Estonia : TAB

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18 Nov 2013

Tallinn Light Biennale

Unique Light Biennale opens in Tallinn this week

Dozens of light installations will shine in the heart of Tallinn from 24th November to 1st together with exhibitions and lighting workshops by international light artists at the first ever Tallinn Light Biennale.

The previous light festivals focused on light installations in the public space while the first biennale will add an international reach to the event by creating a meeting place for international lighting professionals who will lead workshops and present their artwork.

Tallinn Light Biennale:
Tallinn Architecture Biennale
picture from TAB

“We want to focus on how to make the lighting in public spaces – streets, parks, playgrounds – smart and sustainable, and how to use lighting to create positive emotions and an aesthetic urban space next to its role as creating safety,” explains Eva Tallo, director of the Light Biennale.

TAB 2013 curators:
TAB 2013 curators
picture from TAB

Matthieu Tercieux hosts a workshop of human mapping “You are here…Somewhere else” already prior to the biennale opening in the atrium of Viru Keskus shopping centre from 22nd November. The biennale opens with workshops and exhibitions in the heart of Tallinn on the 24th November.

Paul Friedlander’s works of kinetic lighting design will be presented in the former cinema Helios in the Old Town; Estonian light artists’ exhibition opens in the Architecture and Design Gallery (Toivo Raidmets, Leonardo Meigas, Raoul Kurvitz, Marit Ilison, Kiwa, Tarmo Luisk).

The main program from 29th November to 1st December lights up the installations by Ocubo (Portugal), I DID IT (Latvia), Matthieu Tercieux’ (France), Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Slovenia), MIM Project (Estonia) and Marko Crnobrja (Serbia) in and around Tallinn’s Old Town. The St Nicholas’ Church, Kanuti garden, Metro Plaza and Fat Margaret will be dressed in unusual lighting.

The festival program also includes guerrilla lighting that rebels against wasteful and missing lighting. “We want to show how much can be done with little resources using the amount of energy like a desktop computer,” says Eva Tallo. People are invited to join guided tours to the installations. On 29th November a lighting conference will be held at Helios cinema and the culmination of the biennale – the gala night with a music and light performance by Sven Grünberg and Kurt Laurenz.

Tickets for 35 Euros at Piletilevi.
Please find the updated program on the website www.lightbiennale.ee and FB

The biennale is organized by NGO Valgusklubi together with Valgusfestival. Supported by Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Culture Endowment, City of Tallinn, Nordlicht, Viru Keskus, Philips, Lumenpulse, Liviko and Eesti Energia, Adcash and French Institute in Estonia, cooperation with the Black Nights Film festival.

7 Sep 2013

TAB Vision Competition 2013

TAB Vision Competition winner is Dynamo

TAB 2013 Vision Competition awards were announced at a ceremony in Väike-Õismäe, the district of Tallinn that is the topic of the competition, on Saturday. The winning team of project Dynamo comes from Moscow Strelka Institute: Izabela Cichonska, Nathan de Groot, Lindsay Harkema and Ondrej Janku.

TAB Vision Competition winner – Dynamo:
TAB Vision Competition winner
picture from TAB

The TAB 2013 Vision Competition organised by the Estonian Architecture Centre and the City of Tallinn invited architects, landscape architects, urbanists, and university students in these fields to propose ideas and methods, with which to diversify Väike-Õismäe’s urban space and create an enjoyable living environment. The competition attracted 89 entries from all around the world, 86 of which were submitted on time.

TAB Vision Competition winner – Dynamo:
TAB Vision Competition winner
picture from TAB

The jury members Bjarke Ingels (BIG, Founding Partner), Endrik Mänd – (City of Tallinn, Chief Architect) and Inga Raukas – (Allianss Arhitektid, Founding Partner) made their decisions already in May.

TAB Vision Competition entry – Socialism-2.0:
TAB Vision Competition entry
picture from TAB

The second prize went to project Anamorfosis by Antonio Buonsante, Nicola Campri, Marco Taccagni, Merilin Jürimets and Giulia Ragnoli and the third prize to F23 by David Flynn Architects. The first place is awarded with 5000 euros, second 2000 euros and third 1000 euros.

TAB Vision Competition entry – F23:
TAB Vision Competition entry
picture from TAB

Special mention was made by the jury of the following entries: Animal District (NICE ARCHITECTS Ltd. Tomáš Žáček, Soňa Pohlová, Igor Žáček, Roman Janata, Marin Rariga, Filip Marčák, Jakub Slameň and Landscape architecture consultants: 2KA Ltd. Peter Pasečný, Ivana Pasečná), ColorSpray (Tuomas Martinsaari, Paul Thynell, Matti Wäre), K0EX15T (Sergio Bortolussi, Ludovico Centis, Giorgio De Vecchi, Giorgio Renzi, Marco Scapin, Giancarlo Zampirollo), A Collective Space (PRO TOTO Martti Kalliala), Panda J (Dian Sekartaji, Kana Sakamoto, Yan Jie) and The Point (Indrė Ruseckaitė, Aušra Černauskienė, Norbert Tukaj, Mindaugas Reklaitis).

TAB Vision Competition entry – URBAN-JUNGLE:
TAB Vision Competition entry
picture from TAB

Väike-Õismäe (Little Blossom Hill) is one of Tallinn’s three larger Soviet-era panel-apartment districts, which differs from the other similar areas by way of derived from the idea of a circle-city. The district is positioned circularly as a single, complete solution around a pond in the middle. On the one hand, Väike-Õismäe, its concentric plan which was recognised with a national award upon completion in the 1980s, is a clear underlying structure for further developments. On the other hand, this circle-based plan is also a limitation that gives the illusion of a functional whole, but where – similarly to other modernist apartment block areas – the environment and modern-day life are still searching for a common language.

The entries to the Vision Competition will be exhibited in Estonian Museum of Architecture from 11th to 30th September 2013.

4 Sep 2013

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013

TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Tallinn Architecture Biennale starts today

TAB 2013:
TAB 2013
picture from TAB

Tallinn Architecture Biennale „Recycling Socialism“ kicks off today with tours, talks, openings and film night. The TAB 2013 highlights are the two-day Symposium, Curators’ Exhibition, International Architecture Schools Exhibition and Vision Competition for Väike-Õismäe that received 88 entries worldwide.

Vaike-Oismae Estonia
photo : Mari-Hunt

TAB 2013 Symposium takes place on 5-6 September in Kosmos cinema – itself a landmark of the Soviet modernist era. The speakers include Andres Kurg (EST), Łukasz Wojciechowski, VROA architekci (POL), Petra Čeferin (SLO), Olga Maria Hungar, raumlaborberlin (GER), Pier Vittorio Aureli, Dogma (IT) and Robert K. Huber, zukunftsgeraeusche (GER) who will look back at the era and into new utopias of the possible future solutions.

HydroLine – a concept for Tallinn’s coastline by IwamotoScott Architecture:
HydroLine Estonia
photo : IwamotoScott Architecture

TAB Curators’ Exhibition in the Sprat Tin Hall of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will open on Friday at 20.00. The hall has never been open to public before and is one of the highlight landmarks of the era together with the building – the former headquarter of the communist party.

Sprat Tin Hall:
Sprat Tin Hall Sprat Tin Hall Estonia
photo courtesy of Photo Museum ; Kadri-Klementi

The International Architecture Schools Exhibition opens today at 20.00 in Tallinn’s former grand soviet concert hall Linnahall that has been closed to public since many years.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonia:
TAB 2013
photo : Elina Kask

TAB film nights will present documentaries, short films and a legendary Estonian feature movie „Autumn Ball“ (Thurs. at 21) in Kosmos cinema.

TAB 2013 Symposium speakers:
TAB 2013 Symposium speakers
picture from TAB

The Vision Competition results will be announced on Saturday in Väike-Õismäe – the city district that is the topic of the competition. From next week the competition entries will be exhibited in the Estonian Architecture Museum.

All TAB exhibitions remain open until 30th September. TAB partner hotel Tallink offers special discount of 25% to TAB guests until 30 September. Please quote TAB2013 when making your reservation.

TAB 2013:
TAB 2013
picture from TAB

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is curated by b210 architects Karin Tõugu, Kadri Klementi, Aet Ader and Kaidi Õis. TAB is organised by Estonian Centre of Architecture.


8 Sep 2011

Tallinn Architecture Biennale Estonia

Estonian Centre of Architecture and TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale


8 – 11 Sep 2011

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2011

TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale main exhibition “11FLIRTS” at Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn, opens during the Gala of TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale on the 9th of September, and remains open until the 25th of September. “11FLIRTS” deals with experimental architecture and relates it to the context of an existing Baroque palace and art museum.

Martin Melioranski – Ingeri sild:
New Estonian Architecture
photo : Martin Melioranski

Curator Villem Tomiste:
“Architecture is used to be the background or backdrop for things created by man. Like the show pieces in a museum. But what if one inserts architecture in the gaps left by art? Architecture becomes an object and environment at the same time. This change in scale and relations gives the spectator tools to access the new understanding about the abilities of architecture.”

“London Without Bees: architecture to pollinate a wilting city” by Ben Kirk:
London Without Bees
photo : Ben Kirk

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a new international architecture forum that brings together theory and practice as well as young and experienced architects in order to arouse rich discussion upon the issues of architecture, urban planning and landscape. The first TAB concentrates on the hybrid issue of Landscape Urbanism.

HydroLine – a concept for Tallinn’s coastline by IwamotoScott Architecture:
HydroLine Tallinn
photo : IwamotoScott Architecture

TAB Tallinn Architecture Biennale comprises three main events: the symposium Landscape Urbanism (curator Katrin Koov), the TAB curator exhibition 11FLIRTS (curator Villem Tomiste) and the vision competition STREET 2020.

More about TAB : Tallinn Architecture Biennale – external link

Estonian Centre of Architecture www.arhitektuurikeskus.ee

New Estonian Architecture Exhibition
‘BOOM/ROOM’, Moscow
Pärnu Central Library
photo : Kaido Haagen
New Estonian Architecture Exhibition

New Estonian Architecture Exhibition image / information from Estonian Centre of Architecture

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Tallinn City Hall
picture from architect

Tallinn City Hall

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