Sliding House Margate: Alex Chinneck Building

Sliding House Margate, Alex Chinneck Artist, Kent Architecture, English Building, Photo

Sliding House in Margate

Building by artist Alex Chinneck in Kent, southeast England, UK

16 Oct 2013

Sliding House by Alex Chinneck in Margate

Margate’s amazing sliding house

“From the knees of my nose to the belly of toes”

When Thanet District Council gave artist, Alex Chinneck, permission to use an empty property in Margate, Kent to create a major new public artwork – “From the knees of my nose to the belly of toes” – little did they know quite how famous the project would become. Not only has the national media loved the work, key products have been highlighted as integral to the build; and none more than the ever-flexible Sterling OSB from Norbord.

Sliding House in Margate
photo of Sliding House

Norbord enjoys a close relationship with Alex and uses the company’s panel products in his work which typically combines art and architecture in different physically amazing projects. In Margate, he peeled the façade of a four-storey house away from the rest of the building. As the curving bricks, windows and doors slide into the front garden of the property, which has been vacant for eleven years, its upper floor is revealed to the public below.

Alex chose the house from a number of properties owned by the council for its character and location. In the short-term, the artwork will attract people to rediscover this historic suburb of Margate (the UK’s original seaside resort) with its growing creative buzz.

Sterling OSB, the UK’s leading OSB brand, was used as the main panel product for walls, floors and hoarding in the unique building.

For further information on Norbord, please call 01786 812 225 or visit

This project follows Chinnecks’ acclaimed 2012 installation ‘Telling the truth through false teeth’, in which the artist installed 1248 pieces of glass across the façade of a factory in Hackney to create the illusion that its 312 windows had been identically smashed and cracked. Alex Chinneck is a London based artist and designer: He is the founder of The Sculpture House:, a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and a graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Sliding House by Alex Chinneck in Margate image / information from Sterling OSB

3 Aug 2017
Alexander Chinneck Artwork
Alexander Chinneck Artwork Assembly London |
photo : Charles Emerson
British artist Alexander Chinneck monumental artwork entitled ‘Six pins and half a dozen needles’ o

Location:Margate, Kent, England

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