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Quito House : Casa Arboles

Contemporary Building in Ecuador, South America – design by Arquitectura X

17 Apr 2008

House in a tree garden

Quito, Ecuador
Design: Arquitectura X

House in a tree garden Casa Arboles Casa Arboles Ecuador

arquitectura x
Adrian Moreno Núñez
María Samaniego Ponce

Structural Design: Diego Robalino
Photographs: Sebastián Crespo

Project: 2002-04
Construction: 2005

Designed for a young couple with three small children, the house is located within a tree garden full of a diversity of local species of considering age and size distributed over a very generous area; the site was cared for by the couple for several years before deciding to build.

The most important requirements were that the house be set among these trees and that a small pre-existent construction at the edge of the lot be maintained.

Taking advantage of a prolonged design process, the scheme was abbreviated to two white planes that fold and wind over the slightly sloping site, one shapes the floor plane, and the other, the roof plane and walls that limit the spaces according to their position among the trees, orientation toward the sun, or in relation to other interior spaces. Service, garage and bathroom volumes are inserted or separated from the white planes and differ in material and colour.

House in a tree garden Ecuador House in a tree garden Quito House Quito House Ecuador

House in a tree garden, Quito images / information from Arquitectura X

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arquitectura x
Av. Granda Centeno 1114 y Bobadilla #16, Quito, Ecuador

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Quito House

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