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Key Building Developments in Central Eastern Europe

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Architecture in Croatia

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Croatian Architecture. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. e-architect cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Croatia. The focus is on contemporary Croatian buildings.

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Croatia Architecture News

Croatia Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Zagorje Cottage, Kumrovec, Krapina-Zagorje County, northern Croatia – 9 Sep 2013
Design: PROARH
Zagorje Building
photo : Damir Fabijanic

The pre-existing traditional Zagorje cottage is situated on the green slopes near Kumrovec and was structurally and statically in poor condition. It was renovated taking into consideration the characteristics of local heritage and design. The pre-existing house form is kept, while the porch is substituted with a glass cube. To give the cottage southern exposure, the glass form is slided out of the main house volume, simultaneously forming an entrance area. Interaction of interior and exterior spaces is enabled by opening of the glass walls.

Croatian Bishops’ Conference Building, Zagreb – 6 Sep 2013
Design: University of Zagreb
Croatian Bishops’ Conference Building Zagreb
photo : Miro Martinic

The Croatian Bishops’ Conference building is located in an attractive northern area of the city with gardens and green public areas. It is positioned on a gentle slope with a park and two individual buildings.

House U, Dubrovnik – 29 Jul 2013
Design: 3LHD Architects
House in Dubrovnik
photo : Damir Fabijanić

The task was to design a house for parents and their adult children with their families. Therefore the plot contains two objects. One, a two storey object for parents, and the other, made up of two apartments for the children and their families. In this way, three residential units were formed. A shared outdoor space is inserted between the two houses – a terrace designed for socializing and family gatherings that connects instead of separating them.

Badel Block, Zagreb
Design: Arhimetrija Architects
Badel Block Zagreb
image from architect

Badel Block Zagreb – 2 May 2013
The architects created this urban concept of the block, which contains multiple urban factors. The first one is main structure. This is a form which frames the block, starting from the Residential building in Šubideva Street, to a new residential building in Derenčinova Street. Their form and position follows one of the existing streets, as well as the architects’ analysis of the shading and other climate factors.

Vacation House on an island in the Adriatic Sea, west Croatia
Architects: DAR612
Croatian Vacation House
photo : Filip Šepetanc

Croatian Vacation House – 8 Feb 2013
This holiday house is located on a large flat site divided in the middle by a stone wall, thus creating two terraces: the upper terrace is used as a location for the house, and the lower for a garden. The house consists of a main two storey-high residential unit, and a detached one storey-high building with guest quarters.

Our House, Zagreb, north Croatia
Contemporary Croatian House
photo : Robert Leš

House in Zagreb – 6 Feb 2013
This residence, located on a steep site with clear views, is designed as a bent stretched out form with a flat roof. The site’s slope is utilised for optimal design of residential units: on each level of the house there is a flat oriented on three sides, with an access to a terrace or a balcony.

Interpolation – Social Housing Development at the Edge of the City, Rijeka
Design: Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design
Social Housing in Rijeka
image from architects

Social Housing Rijeka – 4 Jan 2013
“The project is our design-research effort to create a habitat where people, buildings and nature are balanced in their coexistence. Our premise of a worth while effort: If for hundreds of years humanity focused on the ways to be independent of and eventually master nature, then during this century humanity will focus on the ways to come to an understanding on how to be part of nature”.

Nest and Cave House, Opatija, Croatia
Idis Turato
Nest and Cave House Croatia
photo : Sandro Lendler

Nest and Cave House – 5 Dec 2012
The house and the place it renders are not structured solely by the slope onto which they are built (as it is the case with most villas in Opatija). Instead, it actively constructs the landscape and intertwines with it by laying down the ground level (landscape) and by placing on it an upper object which hovers above as a displaced level.

Bus Station in Osijek, Slavonia, eastern Croatia
Design: Rechner d.o.o., Osijek
New Bus Station in Osijek Croatia
photo : Mario Romulic & Drazen Stojcic

Bus Station in Osijek – 16 Oct 2012
This building was constructed on the principle of public-private partnerships. The urban solution of the bus station building was in many ways defined by its placement in the urban tissue. The longitude of the city situated on the River Drava is reflected in the positioning of the bus station building on the parcel of land.

Exhibition of Emerging Croatian Architects, London + Zagreb
25 Apr – 4 May 2012
Emerging Croatian Architects
image from UB
Zagreb exhibition was at Ulica Kralja Držislava 12
London exhibition was at Croatian Embassy, London, W1T 6BN

Hotel Lone, Rovinj
3LHD architects, Zagreb
Rovinj Hotel Croatia
photo : 3LHD

Hotel Lone Croatia
The first design hotel in Croatia is situated in the Monte Mulini forest park, Rovinj’s most attractive tourist zone, located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary Eden Hotel and the new Monte Mulini hotel. The surrounding grounds and parkland is a unique and protected region of the Monte Mulini forest on the Lone Bay.

Green Pavilion_Restaurant, Croatia
3LHD architects, Zagreb
Green Pavilion Restaurant
render : Boris Goreta

Green Pavilion Restaurant

New Campus Borongaj Competition – Design Contest launched Nov 2010
New Campus Borongaj
picture from D-A-Z
Croatia Architecture Competition

Croatian Architects

Major Croatian Architecture

Croatian Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

123 Tower – Croatian Architecture contest
3LHD architects
Croatian Tower
image from 3LHD

Croatian building, Zagreb
Skyscraper to be tallest in Croatia
Adris Group Building, Zagreb
randic-turato architects
Adris Building Zagreb
picture from architect

Adris Building Zagreb
Croatian Architecture Competition
Aula Ivana Pavla II, Rijeka
randic-turato architects
Aula Ivana Pavla II
photograph from architect

Aula Ivana Pavla II, northwest Croatia
Bale Sports Hall : Architecture competition
3LHD Architects
Croatian sports building
photo : Damir Fabijanic

Croatian sports building, Istria
Building in Agaticeva Street, Rijeka
randic-turato architects
Agaticeva Street Building Croatia
photo from architect

Rijeka Building
Business Center Miramare, Zagreb
3LHD architects
BC Miramare Croatia
picture from architect

BC Miramare
Cascade commercial center, Zagreb
radionica arhitekture
Cascade commercial center
render from architect

Cascade commercial center
GYMNASIUM 46° 09′ N / 16° 50′ E, Koprivnica
Studio Up
Koprivnica Gymnasium
photograph from architect

Koprivnica Gymnasium
House K, Zagreb
3LHD architects, Zagreb
House K Zagreb
photo : Damir Fabijanic

House K Zagreb
House N
3LHD architects, Zagreb
House N Croatia
picture : Damir Fabijanic

House N Croatia

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Croatian Office Buildings


Croatian Buildings

Firemen tragedy Memorial Croatia : design by radionica arhitekture
Firemen tragedy Memorial Croatia
image from architect

Croatia Pavilion – Venice Biennale 2010 : ‘The Ship’

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