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Copenhagen Harbour Development, Denmark

Tuborghavn, København, Danmark – design by Henning Larsen

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Tuborg Nord – Rotunda

Tuborg Nord Rotunda
Tuborghavn Buildings Photo © adrian welch 2002

Date built: 2002
Design: Henning Larsen, Architect

Rotunda shopping centre & restaurant; Brewery blocks; Water Square

Tuborg Nord Rotunda shopping centre Tuborghavnen
photos : Jens Lindhe © HLT

Tuborg Nord architects : Henning Larsen

The Tuborg Nord project was established on a former brewery site in Hellerup, Copenhagen, according to Danish architecture office C.F. Møller Architects. The area is a mixed business and residential area, realised in a phased process in accordance with C.F. Møller Architects’ 1988 master plan. The mix of residential and commercial usage makes Tuborg Nord an entire society in itself, full of life day and night, with a waterside location that attracts the population of the local suburb for recreational activities. The master plan emphasises large urban, public outdoor areas with squares, recreational quays, moorings, parks and swimming baths.

Tuborghavn Buildings Tuborghavn Building Tuborg Nord
photos : Jens Lindhe © HLT

Tuborg Nord context

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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