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Copenhagen Harbour Redevelopment, Denmark

Nordhavn : København, Danmark

3 Feb 2010

Nordhavn København

Regeneration and Masterplanning

Nordhavnen Copenhagen

Nordhavnen Redevelopment : AR Future Projects Awards – MIPIM 2010 Regeneration and Masterplanning Winner

Winner – Nordhavnen, in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by FXFOWLE Architects.
Developed in response to an International competition by the City of Copenhagen, the brief invited entrants to set new standards for urban development. Through the creation of land reclamation, the plan connects urban infrastructure, extends waterways and weaves open space into new residential neighbourhoods and commercial areas fit for urban life over the next 50 years. The judges were intrigued by the way FXFOWLE’s scheme had taken a former industrial zone and optimised its exposure to view and water which created a new, holistic vision. The coherence of the plan has with it the promise of a series of distinctive individual place.

Emerging Danish dockland architecture in Copenhagen:

North Docks / Nordhavnen

Danish Architecture Copenhagen Denmark København Danmark
Many contemporary buildings around Kalk Brænderi Havnen

Danish Architecture Copenhagen Denmark København Danmark
General photos around Kalk Brænderi Havnen

Danish Architecture Copenhagen Denmark København

Svanemollet power station

Danish Architecture Copenhagen Denmark København Danmark

Danish Architecture Copenhagen Denmark København Danmark

Tiscali Buildings at Kalk Brænderi Havnen including Binary fritting on the glass:


Jorn Utzon Building – Paustian Furniture – in distance at Kalk Brænderi Havnen:

Danish Architecture

Kim Utzon Arkitekter
Yachtklub Nordhavnen Copenhagen

HTS building
Kim Utzon Arkitekter
HTS building Nordhavnen Copenhagen

Paustian furniture store / Paustian Møbelhus
Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2, Nordhavn
Jørn Utzon with Kim Utzon
Paustian furniture store
Jorn Utzon / Kim Utzon Arkitekter


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Northern harbor Copenhagen
image : COBE, SLETH MODERNISM, Polyform and Rambøll

Nordhavn Copenhagen, Denmark : morePlatz architects
Nordhavn Copenhagen
picture from architects

Nordhavn Islands Copenhagen
Design: C.F. Møller Landscape
Nordhavn Islands Project
image from architect
Nordhavn Islands Project Copenhagen

Copenhagen Harbours / Havnen i København
Images of Copenhagen Docks Architecture from Summer 2002

Nordhavn Copenhagen Docks Photos © Adrian Welch

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Copenhagen Harbour Gateway : Steven Holl Architects
Copenhagen Harbour Gateway
image Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects

Cirkelbroen Copenhagen : Olafur Eliasson
image : Olafur Eliasson

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