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Amagertorv Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Square

8 May 2010


Photographs of this public space on the Strøget:

photo from 2010 © Adrian Welch

Amagertorv Amagertorv Copenhagen Amagertorv Copenhagen Amagertorv Copenhagen
photographs from 2006 © Adrian Welch

Mathias Hansen House at No. 6 was built in 1616 for Mathias Hansen, from 1622 the Mayor of Copenhagen. Typically of the Dutch Renaissance style, the house is built in red bricks with sandstone decorations, has a Dutch gable and a copper roof. The copper drainpipes are decorated with dragon’s heads. The building was restored in 1898 by Professor Hans Jørgen Holm.

The gateway is flanked by two cannon barrels used to protect the gate from entering carts. No. 9 was built 1798-1800: for linen merchant J. A. Bechmann. The original shop front at street level was changed in 1830 and again in 1870. The tobacco company W. Ø. Larsen has a small pibe museum in the building.

Amagertorv Copenhagen Amagertorv Copenhagen Amagertorv Copenhagen Amagertorv Copenhagen

Buildings include beautiful shops on the north side: Georg Jensen, Illums Bolinghus

Illums Bolighus / Illums Bolighus
Amagertorv 6-10, The Strøget
architect n/a
Classic Strøget Shop
Copenhagen: Famous Danish Shop © Adrian Welch

Classic Strøget department store, hand painted porcelain, furniture,etc.: Illums Bolighus, Royal Copenhagen and Holmegaard products.
Illums Bolighus – Website:

View from Amagertorv to Christiansborg:
Amagertorv view

The Amagertorv is half way along the famous Strøget Copenhagen pedestrian street
Strøget Copenhagen

Location:Amagertorv, Copenhagen

Photos © adrian welch

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