Rethinking Competitions – Sahara Eco House

Rethinking Architecture Competition, Nuevo Concurso, Spanish Architecture Contest

Rethinking Competitions

Sahara Eco House Design Contest – Concurso 2017

17 Feb 2018

Rethinking Competition in 2018

PIAM Architecture Competition

After the success of participation in previous editions, Matimex announces another year of PIAM, the International Architecture Prize dedicated on this occasion to the Contemporary Commercial Spaces.

Architecture has always been linked to trade: from the first ephemeral stores that were settling in squares forming souks to the current large commercial spaces. Our society, always in continuous evolution, is increasingly demanding. It is not only about acquiring the product, but also about living an entire shopping experience. That´s why we are looking for a global design that goes beyond the product and that understands it as a whole with the brand, the space and the sensations experienced.

This change of focus entails an evolution of the commercial space linked to these new needs of the consumer. New commercial spaces for new user needs.

We propose to design a space or recover an existing one, whose design revolves around the main theme of the contest: “ComerciARQ. Contemporary Commercial Spaces “.

The company, from Iris Ceramica Group, wants to show its support to environment with the contest. The use of products with finished ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic will be consideredan advantage. And the use, in the projects, to the certification LEED or BREAM; the jury also will evaluatein the projects the quality, originality, creativity, and the correct use to the products from the Iris Ceramica Group.

This prize is addressed to professionals and students associated with the architecture, technical architecture, design, interior design, engineering and with similar profiles with this characteristics.
The jury is composed withinternational professionals associated with the architecture, the design and the sustainability:

1. Enric Batlle. Bachelor Architect, Director of University Master of Lanscape UPC- MBLandArch. Partner of Batlle i Roig Arquitectura.
2. Margarida Caldeira. Architect. Board Director EMEA Chair. Broadway Malyan
3. Lucia Ferrater. Partner Architect OAB
4. Diego Gronda. Architect and designer. Partner of Studio Gronda
5. Josep Piñot. Industrial Engineer. Director Retail Development Services CBRE
6. Juan-Luis Grafulla. Matimex CEO and General Manager.
7. Dottoressa Federica Minozzi. Iris Ceramica Group CEO, Italy.

The prizes, in net amount:

• Professional category:
1st prize: 3.000 €
2nd prize: 1.000 €
1st Honorable mention: no cash prize
2nd Honorable mention: no cash prize

• Students category:
1st prize: 1.000 €
2nd prize: 500 €

The inscription and delivery: from 29 January – 7 May

at PIAM’s web site:

reTHINKING competitions
José Laguillo, 21
Sevilla, Se 41003

Dec 27, 2017

Rethinking Competitions – Lanzarote Dynamic Square

# 015 Lanzarote Dynamic Square

The Cabildo of Lanzarote has been trying since 1989 to reactivate and enhance the cultural attractiveness of Arrecife. The main objective of this project is to convert the El Almacén plaza (Arrecife) into an urban point of culture and social meeting. And with this contest it is intended to take an important step for it since the proposal will be built.

Lanzarote Dynamic Square Competition

Lanzarote Dynamic Square Competition

29 Sep 2017

Rethinking Competitions – Sahara Eco House

Rethinking Competitions – Sahara Eco House Contest

English text (scroll down for Spanish):

We are happy to inform you that reTHINKING has launched a new competition: Sahara Eco House.
This is an architecture competition where a new concept of housing must be projected that maximizes the passive systems to achieve the necessary comfort in houses in extreme climates such as deserts and in particular in the Sahara.

Rethinking Competitions - Sahara Eco House
image from architectural contest organisers

This is a novel contest that can encourage reflection on issues that are growing in current architecture thinking such as zero consumption and passive consumption as a whole.
Please see below the most relevant information:

First Prize 1.500 € + Member of the jury for the next competition
3 x Accesits: 500 €
+ 10 Honourable mentions
• Magazines publications
• Publication in blogs/ architecture web

September 14th 2017: Early registration starts
December 4th 2017 Submission deadline

Guillermo Rubio Boronat (Editor – Coordinator TC Cuadernos)
Beatriz Pérez Doncel (Terral Arquitectos)
Victor Moreno Jiménez (Professor at the ETSAS)
rubial-Sánchez. Architecture and design studio
You can check all the information in our website:

Spanish text:

Rethinking Nuevo Concurso


Septiembre 2017 – Desde reTHINKING competitions nos complace anunciaros nuestro nuevo concurso: “#014 SAHARA ECO HOUSE”.

Se trata de un concurso donde se debe proyectar un nuevo concepto de vivienda que aproveche al máximo los sistemas pasivos para logar el confort necesario en viviendas en climas extremos tales como los desiertos y en particular en el Sahara.

Consideramos que es un concurso novedoso que puede hacer reflexionar sobre temas que son crecientes en la arquitectura actual tales como la viviendas de consumo cero y pasivas en su totalidad.

A continuación os dejo los datos más relevantes:


Primer premio 1.500 € + Jurado del próximo concurso rethinking
3 x Accésits: 500 €
+ 10 Menciones de Honor

• Publicación en revistas
• Publicación en blogs/ webs de arquitectura
• Publicación oficial de reTHINKING


14 de Septiembre 2017: Inicio Inscripción Temprana
4 de Diciembre 2017 Límite de entrega


Guillermo Rubio Boronat (Editor – Coordinador TC Cuadernos)
Beatriz Pérez Doncel (Terral Arquitectos)
Victor Moreno Jiménez (Profesor Proyectos arquitectonicos ETSA Sevilla)
rubial-Sánchez. Oficina de Arquitectura y diseño

Una vez más os pedimos que difundáis la noticia para animar a los estudiantes y jóvenes arquitectos a participar.
Para cualquier duda o solicitud quedamos a vuestra disposición,

reTHINKING competitions

To see all listed projects on a single map please follow this link.

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