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University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

New Healthcare Building in Northwest Germany – design by HENN + C.F. Møller Architects

4 Apr 2017

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

Design: HENN + C.F. Møller Architects

Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, far north-west corner of Germany

HENN + C.F. Møller Architects win international competition in Germany

04.04.2017 – HENN + C.F. Møller Architects (Berlin / Aarhus) jointly win an international competition to extend Germany’s most iconic hospital complex, the listed 1970’s high-tech University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

The hospital complex of RWTH Aachen will be expanded with a new building, containing a central surgery area, including intensive care units and a new public entrance hall.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

State-of-the-art surgeries and ICUs make it the most important component of Aachen‘s healthcare provision. With their design on the area of the landmarked complex HENN + C.F. Møller Architects could prevail against twelve other offices.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

Best principles of Healing Architecture Large parts of the design are pushed under ground level, to minimize the visual impact on the exiting listed building, and covered with a lush green parkland open to the public and staff. The low-slung building volume rises towards the public entrance in a sweeping and generous gesture, which creates an inviting, bright and warm-toned entrance that enables a completely intuitive wayfinding for patients and relatives, guided by views to the green parkland.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

Despite the sunken location, the new operations facilities and ICU are also designed to enjoy extensive daylighting and access to green spaces, exemplifying the best principles of healing architecture and creating a friendly and comfortable environment for patients and staff alike.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

Open and efficient A series of specially designed off-stage staff hubs in open spaces puncture the flexible and efficient layout of the operations floor, providing the best possible surroundings for teamwork and inter-staff relations.

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University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

„The award-winning designs are characterized by their functionality, transparency and futuristic design, and are harmoniously integrated into our existing core building“ said Peter Asché, Commercial Director, University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

The size of the extension is 35.000 square meters.

Planned building blocks are: – A central surgery area with 31 separate surgery units. – A day clinic with four surgery units – 3 intensive care units with 50 beds – Anaesthetics – Bed preparation – Central Entrance – Service unit – Public entrance and arrival space

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Extension

University Hospital RWTH Aachen Building images / information received from HENN + C.F. Møller Architects

Images : HENN + C.F. Møller Architects

HENN Architekten + C.F. Møller

Location:Aachen, Germany

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