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Yifang Art Center in Chongqing, China

24 Aug 2020

Yifang Art Center in Yubei District, Chongqing

Design: YIHE Landscape Architecture

Location: Yubei District, Chongqing, south west China

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

The Yifang Art Center project is in a newly developed Dazhulin district in the north of Chongqing downtown. When YIHE Landscape Architecture first visited the site, it had an unfinished concrete structure from previous development. The Client Sunac stepped in and had a vision to develop Dazhulin as a new TOD project.

Surrounding by future mixed-use development, our goal is to reuse and redesign the abandoned concrete structure as new community core. It will serve for nearby residents and visitors in daily use and host events for special occasions. This new community center has four levels including an indoor swimming pool, a gym, various community amenity rooms, sky bar, and an art gallery. Stairs and elevator are used for circulation between levels.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

YIHE Landscape Architecture have an idea to design the main concrete deck as an “outdoor gallery”. 30×190 meter shape concrete deck got divided by walls into series of “exhibition rooms”. The experience from parking lot to building entrance is framed by going through the “rooms “as visiting an art gallery. Each room has an exhibition feature. Cascading waterfall, translucent elevator, wave sculpture will be the focal point of each room.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Design borrowed from traditional Chinese garden

Denial and Reward, Hidden and Revealed
The idea of “denial and reward” is used to enrich the passage experience by creating the sense of enclosure and openness. The height of the walls forms the sense of “hidden “from outside street. The “revealed “effect happens at the open section which translucent and water courtyard can be seen from outside.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

As visitor move through the entrance gate, reception lobby (two rectangular-shaped overlapping structures) is revealed. Reception lobby functions as first enclosed “denial “at the starting point of spatial sequence, which gives visitors a moment to slow down the pace while noticing the water sounds from next space. After passing through the lobby, visitors enter a series of gardens. The journey with the focus exhibition of each room, interesting views and the sense of enclosure and openness is slowly revealed as rewarding surprises before arrival of community center.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Seeing and Being Seen
The combination of sight and movement encourages visitors to explore and interact with the landscape and other visitors. The unexpected walkway is carefully placed to create additional intrigue or even momentary lostness for visitors. Design of the walkway and the walls allow visitors to sudden appear in each room. This sudden feeling triggers another interesting interaction of sight in the space. Building entrance, landscape features and visitors became the borrowed views from distance in each room.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Light and Shadow Interaction
The light and shadow interaction generated by walls, canopied walkway, water ripple reflection and trees canopy during the day creates a rich sense of time. The genuine color and texture of the stone warms up the space and balances out with the green of the vegetation, the gray of the river wave sculpture, the white of the fence and the blue of the sky.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Eventful Space
Gardens not just provides daily use and passage interests, also functions as event space. Stage can be setup with white fence background with canopied walkway area as main audience seating area. Various events like outdoor movie, small music performance, runway show happens at the courtyard adjacent to building entrance. Yifang Art Center will serve surrounding neighborhoods as a hub for social support, group activity and art appreciation in the long run.

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Yifang Art Center, Chongqing, China – Building Information

Architecture Firm: YIHE Landscape Architecture

Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: +/-10,000 sqm

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Additional Credits
Design Team: Chungpo Fang, Song Guan, Hongxia Wen, Leiyan Chen, Jiejun Chen, Shung Zeng, Shicao Wan, Jie Zhang, Heyi Quan, Qixiang Xu, Shengling Mei
Clients: Sunac Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
Engineering and Landscape construction: Tongqi Landscape Construction
Community center architect: AOE Architecture

Yifang Art Center Yubei District Chongqing

Photography: Arch-Exist

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Location: Yubei District, Chongqing City, south west China

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