Qingdao Resort Hotel: Tsingtao Mangrove Tree, China

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Qingdao Resort, China : Tsingtao Mangrove Tree

Qingdao Resort Masterplan – design by ZNA Architects

28 Sep 2010

Qingdao Resort

Master Plan for Tsingtao Mangrove Tree Resort and Conference Hotel

Design: ZNA Architects

Qingdao Resort Qingdao Resort Qingdao Resort Qingdao Resort
images : ZNA Architects

The project located in Tsingtao Jiaonan, ajacent to Ling Shan Wan. It’s been defined as the largest recreation and convention resort in North China. There are three hotels including the resort hotel, convention hotel and the serviced apartment. The convention section includs the convention center, Art museum, theater and the Star walk,etc. There’s a thousand meters long shopping street connecting the spa , the restaurants, the children’s world and all the other buildings, to create a continued indoor commercial experience for the winter.

Qingdao Resort – Building Information

Location: Qingdao, China
Client: Antaeus Group
Building Area: 778,385m2

Qingdao Resort – Master Plan for Tsingtao Mangrove Tree Resort and Conference Hotel images / information from ZNA Architects

Location:Qingdao, China

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