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Datong Twin Towers, China

Datong Twin Towers Shanxi Province – design by Plasma Studio

11 Aug 2010

Datong Twin Towers

Design : Plasma Studio, Architects

Plasma Studio won First Prize in an invited competition for one of two twin tower mixed-use complexes in Datong, Shanxi Province, China. The project comprises 70.000 m2 of floor area split between a hotel in one tower and offices in the other.

In line with other twin towers, a common and popular building type in China, this block shares common areas, mostly for commercial activities, which are hosted on the first four floors.

Datong Twin Towers
image : Plasma Studio

Plasma’s concept proposes a building that is formed by the flows derived from the access and the surrounding urban landscape. The dual axial disposition of these vectors in turn influences the layout of the internal connections.

From a simple symmetric mirrored building shape this proposal evolves into a dynamic ‘ying and yang’ formation which sets into force the looping, spiraling ramp system that weaves together the two towers on the lower levels.

Spaces and connections grow from the base of the building, continuing in a loop that is deformed and then, branched into the two towers, as a spiraling movement reaches the roofscape.

With this different system of connections and intersections of different qualities and densities of the spaces, the project transforms and deforms the twin towers type in a more complex system.

Datong Twin Towers Datong Twin Towers Datong Twin Towers Datong Twin Towers
images : Plasma Studio

The towers’ inner cores assist in the low-energy ventilation design which-in alignment to a parametric differentiated facade concept seeks to minimize energy use and maximize ambient quality and expression.

The two central cave spaces, which are changing the setting throughout the year, function as stores of solar energy in winter and as wind towers in summer. This system works alongside a cooling and heating system driven by a geothermal pump which minimizes energy usage. In addition, the facade is designed to optimize lighting and internal temperatures through passive systems, varying accordingly to the type of activity that take place within.

Datong Twin Towers – Building Information

Project Name: Datong Twin Towers
Project Location: Datong, China
Designer/Design Company: Plasma Studio
Site area: 20500 sqm
Construction area: 70000 sqm
Competition Date: 2010
Competition Scale: Architecture
Place in the Competition: First

Plasma Studio

Location: China

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