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Chinese Hotel Buildings

Key Architectural Designs – New Accommodation Properties: Eastern Asia Built Environment Updates

post updated 29 Nov 2019

New Chinese Hotel Buildings

Chinese Hotel Buildings, chronological:

5 July 2019
Floating Hotel, Anji County, city of Huzhou, northwestern Zhejiang province, People’s Republic of China
Architects: MORE Architecture
Floating Hotel Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang
image courtesy of architects

Floating Hotel Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang
In mountainous Anji, a rural hideout three hours from Shanghai, MORE Architecture designed a boutique hotel floating between the hills. The structure topped out in the midst of the bamboo forest.

22 Jun 2019
Ya Gu Quan Shan Hotel, San Tai Shan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Design: The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd
Ya Gu Quan Shan Hotel in Hangzhou
photography : Zhao Qiang

Ya Gu Quan Shan Hotel in Hangzhou
Located at the southwest corner of the intersection of San Tai Shan Road and Hu Pao Road of West Lake District in Hangzhou. There are some hills surrounded with wide viewing; the landscape is beautiful inside and the natural vegetation well preserved.

27 May 2019
Canopy by Hilton, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Architects: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK)
Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre Hotel
image courtesy of architects

Canopy by Hilton Chengdu City Centre Hotel
The interaction of ancient and modern, the mutual penetration of art and life, the compatibility of local and world, all of these has created the rich texture and unique impression of Chengdu.

15 Apr 2019
Blossom Dreams Hotel, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province
Design: Co-Direction Design
Blossom Dreams Hotel at Jima Village
photography : Jing Xufeng

Blossom Dreams Hotel at Jima Village, Yangshuo County
The project is situated at Jima Village in the east of Yangshuo — a famous tourist county surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery. The name “Jima” in Chinese is very poetic, meaning “steed”, which makes the secluded, old and austere village appear to be dreamy to some extent.

2 Apr 2019
Le Méridien Zhongshan, Shantou City, Guangdong
Architects: BLVD International
Le Meridien Zhongshan in Guangdong
photograph : En Xiao

Le Méridien Zhongshan
Zhongshan, known as Heung-san in ancient time, was an isolated sea island rumored to have been an earthly heaven boasting many a celestial flower.

25 Mar 2019
Woodhouse Hotel, Guizhou
Architects: ZJJZ
Woodhouse Hotel in Guizhou China
photo : Laurian Ghinitoiu, ZJJZ

Woodhouse Hotel in Guizhou, China
Located in the remote village of Tuanjie, the Woodhouse Hotel is one of the first projects of a new government policy to help ameliorate rural poverty through the introduction of agricultural tourism.

9 Mar 2019
Multi-Purpose Hall of Shaoxing Hotel, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing
Architects: The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd.
Multi-Purpose Hall of Shaoxing Hotel building
photographers: Zhao Qiang

Multi-Purpose Hall of Shaoxing Hotel
Shaoxing Hotel originating from “Lingxiao Pavilion” is made up of very traditional architectural complexes with white walls, black tiles, winding corridors, bridges over flowing water, and well-spaced flowers and trees, full of the features of Jiangnan dwelling.

24 Nov 2018
Wuyuan Skywells Hotel, Wuyuan, Jiang Xi Province
Architects: anySCALE Architecture Design
Wuyuan Skywells Hotel in the Jiang Xi Province
photo © Xia Zhi

Wuyuan Skywells Hotel in the Jiang Xi Province
An authentic luxury retreat in rural China, Wuyuan Skywells captures the essence of a bygone era in the millennium-old Yan village.

15 Oct 2018
St. Regis Zhuhai, Zhuhai, southern Guangdong province, southern China
Architect: RMJM
St Regis Hotel in Zhuhai China
image courtesy of architects

St. Regis Hotel in Zhuhai, China
Following overwhelmingly positive press attention for becoming one of the tallest skyscrapers to be completed in 2017 (and one of tallest buildings ever to be constructed in China), St. Regis Zhuhai is finally being unveiled to the public.

9 Oct 2018
Hyatt Place Hotel in Sanya, Sanya, Hainan, southern China
Architect: BLVD International
Hyatt Place Hotel in Sanya Hainan
photograph : Dirk Weiblen

Hyatt Place Hotel in Sanya, Hainan
As the first Hyatt Place, which represents high-end business style in a resort city, Hyatt Place Sanya is located in Sunshine Financial Plaza, the tallest building in Sanya.

7 Aug 2018
Wuxi Hualuxe Hotel Building in Jiangsu, Wuxi, Jiangsu
Architect: BLVD
Wuxi Hualuxe Hotel building in Jiangsu
image courtesy of architects

Wuxi Hualuxe Hotel Building in Jiangsu
The overall concept of design began with the impression of Wuxi: misty rain of Jiangnan and blue waves of Taihu, known in Wuxi since ancient times.

Li Man • Shen Mi Ji Hotel, Lijiang, Yunnan province
Architects: Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design
Li Man • Shen Mi Ji Hotel in Lijiang
photograph : Zhu Enlong

Li Man • Shen Mi Ji Hotel, Lijiang

8 May 2018
Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel
Design: Margot Krasojević Architects
Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel on Hainan Island
image courtesy of architects

Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel on Hainan Island
The hotel harnesses tidal energy to generate electricity. The idea was to redefine the hotel typology by embracing renewable energy to create a sustainable environment.

29 Apr 2018
Louvre Sofitel Hotel, Foshan, Guangdong Province
Architects: CCD/ Cheng Chung Design (HK)
Louvre Sofitel Hotel in Foshan
photograph : CCD/ Cheng Chung Design (HK)

Louvre Sofitel Hotel in Foshan
With a height of 239m, Sofitel Hotel- the highest building of Foshan is an “international home furnishing exhibition hotel” combines hotel with international furniture Expo Center.

11 Feb 2018
Rosewood Sanya and International Finance Forum, Hainan Island in Haitang Bay, Southern China
Design: Goettsch Partners (GP)
Rosewood Sanya Hotel and Forum
photograph © Shen Zhonghai, 1st image

Rosewood Sanya Hotel and Forum
With the opening of the Rosewood Sanya hotel late last year, architecture firm Goettsch Partners (GP) celebrated the debut of the final component of its new hospitality complex on Hainan Island in Sanya, China.

31 Aug 2017
Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang Lodge, Yunnan
Architect: Nie Jianping
Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang Lodge, Yunnan
photos : Chen Weizhong © Nie Jianping

Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang Lodge, Yunnan
Yuhu Village is on the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 10 kilometers from downtown Lijiang. Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang is right close to the so-called ‘rock village’ location where the houses were made of a unique stone called monkey head by Naxi people.

1 Aug 2017
Jingshan Boutique Hotel
Design: Continuation Studio
Jingshan Boutique Hotel in Hangzhou
photo : SHIROMIO Studio

Jingshan Boutique Hotel in Hangzhou

16 Jul 2017
The Changbai Mountains Korean Pine Valley Hotel, Jilin Province
Architects: Hongshi Design
The Changbai Mountains Korean Pine Valley Hotel
photos : Lu Weidong and Wang Hairong

The Changbai Mountains Korean Pine Valley Hotel in Jilin Province
Designed in accordance with the standard of five-star hot-spring resort hotel, Changbai Mountains Korean Pine Valley Hotel is situated in the passenger distribution center of ChangBai Mountains, located in Jilin province, China.

11 Jul 2017
Yangshuo Blossom Dreams Hotel , Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province
Architects: Co-Direction Interior
Yangshuo Blossom Dreams Hotel
image courtesy of architects

Yangshuo Blossom Dreams Hotel in the Guangxi Province
Flowing rivers, beautiful peaks and endless flowers give Yangshuo impressionistic landscapes, making people sink into deep reverie and attachment.

15 May 2017
Zhuhai Hengqin Tianhu Hotel Development, Zhuhai, southern Guangdong province, southern China
Architect: Aedas
Zhuhai Hengqin Tianhu Hotel Development
image courtesy of architects

Zhuhai Hengqin Tianhu Hotel Development
Chinese resort development is located on the Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, overlooking the Niujiaokeng Reservoir and natural scenic area of Lake Tian.

24 Apr 2017
Change Vacation Hotel, Dali, Yunnan Province
Architect: Co-Direction Interior Design
Change Vacation Hotel
photograph : Jing Xu-Feng

Change Vacation Hotel in Dali Ancient City
The name of the hotel “Change Vacation Hotel” came from a poem of Tao Yuan-Ming, who was a poet in Song Dynasty. «Ah, homeward bound I go! »: “The farmers will come and tell me that spring is here and there will be work to do at the western farm.”

20 Apr 2017
Four Seasons Hotel in Tianjin
Design: WATG, Architects
Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin
image courtesy of architects

Four Seasons Tianjin Hotel
New Chinese accommodation building in the heart of China’s fourth largest metropolis. Rising above the central business district the 210-metre tower and podium offer 259 hotel guest rooms, 90 residential units and 5,000 sqm of retail space.

15 Apr 2017
Diaoyutai Hotel Hangzhou Building, Jianggan District, Hangzho
Architect: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
Diaoyutai Hotel
image courtesy of architects

Diaoyutai Hotel in Hangzhou
As one of the seven ancient capitals in China, Hangzhou has a long history and profound background with picturesque scenery and numerous celebrities. It is known as “paradise on earth” for the fascinating characteristics.

16 Oct 2016
Grand Hyatt Dalian
Design: Goettsch Partners, architects
Grand Hyatt Hotel Dalian Building
images from Goettsch Partners

Grand Hyatt Dalian, Chinese Hotel
A new 1,075,300-sqft tower in China’s northeastern coastal city of Dalian: 377-key Grand Hyatt hotel, 84 serviced apartments, three restaurants including a destination rooftop venue, multiple ballrooms and meeting facilities, a spa and fitness center, and parking for 225 cars.

8 Aug 2016
Nashare Hotel, Xiamen, Fujian Province
Architects: C+ Architects / Naza design studio
Nashare Hotel
building image from architects

Nashare Hotel in Fujian
Nashare Hotel is located in a forest beside Huandao South Road in Xiamen, China. It is facing the Taiwan Canal by the most popular Huandao Road beach and just ten minutes drive from the attractive cultural town of Zengcuoan.

13 Jun 2016
Ripple Hotel, Hangzhou
Design: Li Xiang
Ripple Hotel
photography : Hu Yi-Jie

Ripple Hotel Hangzhou Building
An unsophisticated scene is needed to stage a gentle encounter. How to paddle a mood to allow you to feel shuttle-like light and shadow? How to weave a wave of forest to allow you to purposely sway with wind?

6 Jun 2016
Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan, Guangdong, southeast China
Architects: CCD
Shenzhen Marriott Hotel
image courtesy of architects

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan in Guangdong
The business image of Marriott International has undergone significant transformation from the original colorful and luxurious style into the latest clean and elegant style.

3 Dec 2015
Wanda Vista Hotel, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, southwestern China
Architect: OAD (office for architecture + design)
Wanda Vista Hotel
photograph : Chen He

Wanda Vista Hotel in Xishuangbanna
This luxury hotel resort was designed to become a hidden sanctuary in one of China’s most emblematic regions. Sitting on the slope of a mountain the resort is constructed in such way that it naturally integrates itself into the local culture via architecture, planning, and detailing.

19 Sep 2015
The Temple House, Chengdu, South East China
Design: Make Architects
The Temple House Hotel
image courtesy of architects

The Temple House Hotel in Chengdu
Designed by Make Architects for Swire Hotels, The Temple House is the third hotel in Swire’s flourishing House Collective portfolio, following The Upper House in Hong Kong and The Opposite House in Beijing.

9 Apr 2014
Wanda Reign Hotel facade, Wuhan, Hubei Province
Architects: Make
Wanda Reign Hotel Facade
image courtesy of architects

Wanda Reign Hotel facade in Wuhan
The design of the luxury hotel facade is characterised by a compilation of 902 hexagonal modules which create the effect of multiple windows as ‘eyes’ looking out over the city from the guest rooms.

Hotel WIND, Fujian Province
Hotel WIND in Fujian Province
building image from architects

Hotel WIND in Fujian Province

11 Dec 2012
Tianjin Hotel Design, North East China
Design: HAO / Holm Architecture Office
Tianjin Hotel Building Design interior
building image from architects

Tianjin Hotel Building
The Tianjin Hotel project is located close to the center of the city of Tianjin, a city with a population of ten million, situated approximately 120 kilometers south of Beijing in Northern China.

26 Aug 2011
Chicony Plaza department store + Grand Hyatt Hotel, Chengdu
Design: Goettsch Partners
Chicony Plaza Chengdu, Grand Hyatt Hotel China building
photo © 1st Image

Chicony Plaza Chengdu, Grand Hyatt Hotel China
A 37-story mixed-use complex in Chengdu, China, recently reached substantial completion and opened its first phase, the 111,500-sqm Chicony Plaza department store.

28 Sep 2010
Master Plan for Tsingtao Mangrove Tree Resort and Conference Hotel
Design: ZNA Architects
Qingdao Resort Hotel: Tsingtao Mangrove Tree, China
image : ZNA Architects

Qingdao Resort Hotel: Tsingtao Mangrove Tree
The project located in Tsingtao Jiaonan, ajacent to Ling Shan Wan. It’s been defined as the largest recreation and convention resort in North China. There are three hotels including the resort hotel, convention hotel and the serviced apartment.

28 Sep 2010
Sanya Hai Tang Bay Mangrove Tree Fairmont Hotel, Hai Nan, southern China
Design : ZNA Architects
Sanya Hotel Hai Tang Bay China
image : ZNA Architects

Sanya Hotel, Hai Tang Bay Building
The site is located in the heart of Shaba Hotel zone in the east corner of the middle Haitang Bay in Hainan: it faces the South Sea and artificial island reef, possessing the excellent view of Wuzhizhou Island.

4 Oct 2007
Guangzhou Park Hyatt Hotel Building, province of Guangdong
Design: Goettsch Partners
Guangzhou Park Hyatt, Chinese Hotel Building
images courtesy of architects

Guangzhou Park Hyatt, Chinese Hotel Building
The project totals 1,878,000 sqft and features a 180-key Park Hyatt hotel, 430,000 sqft of offices, 65,000 sqft of retail, 24 condominiums, 174 serviced apartments, and underground parking for 700 cars.

Z Hotel, Shandong Province

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