Daodao Coffee in Intime City

Daodao Coffee in Intime City

In our opinion, projects should start with some exact questions, and good design should answer them. Our question about this project is how to make sure everyone can find their place in this small space. We solved this problem through changeability of small spaces and the integration of material and lighting.

JOOOS Fitting Room

JOOOS Fitting Room in Hangzhou

Design: X+Living

JOOOS Fitting Room integrates many of the Top fashion brands in the sales list of Tmall. The store hopes to make up the sense of emptiness of fitting brought by modern online shopping.

Green Residence in Yu Hang

Green Residence in Yu Hang

Peter Ruge Architekten’s concept takes up this specific landscape feature. Flat residential buildings, townhouses and a kindergarten will be placed along this small river. Residential high-rise buildings in combination with commercial ground-floor buildings will be set up along the main streets in North and West.

Yuhua Phase IV ShowFlat

Yuhua Phase IV ShowFlat in Henan

To better record the life of elites, FAN Life avoids the single decoration style of piling up complex colors. Instead, concise expression which matches the gentle, modest and self-disciplined temperament of urban elites is adopted.

Black Box Gym

Black Box Gym in Chengdu

Designed by design by HAD & Epos Architects the Black Box Gym features steel beam-to-column, corrugated steel and perforated steel plates, which are widely applied in temporary architecture. The gym provides fitness facilities and space for people nearby.

Yuhua Showflat E

Yuhua Showflat E in Henan

FAN Life has looked at what kind of collision will occur, when traditional spirit is expressed in an actual form, and when classical soul is hovering in a simple realistic space. This project is an expression of the integrated aesthetics of the Chinese and Western style.

Yaoyue Restaurant

Yaoyue Restaurant in Xiamen

Designed by Xiamen Fancy Design & Decoration Co and located in a zone of old factories, Yaoyue Restaurant was once an unused terrace. Different from the noisy city outside, the designer wants to integrate nature and industry style together creating a “floating green island in the city”.

House no 67 of Zhengkai Olive City

House No. 67 of Zhengkai Olive City

In this project, designed by Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co, Qianxun gives unique characters to the space, boldness which is not gaudy, cool elegance , and low-key confidence . It is an ordinary project with extraordinary design.