The Senate of Canada Building in Ottawa

The Senate of Canada Building

The Senate of Canada Building design by Diamond Schmitt Architects: a historic landmark in Ottawa re-opens as interim home to Canada’s upper house of Parliament, restoring Beaux-Arts central train station.

Skybox in Winnipeg

SKYBOX in Winnipeg

Recognizing the sublime qualities of the Canadian prairie winter skies, for the SKYBOX project inFuture have used angled planes of mirrored aluminum to draw the sky into a mobile pavilion on Winnipeg’s frozen river trail.

Rigaud City Hall in Quebec

Rigaud City Hall in Québec

Affleck de la Riva’s design and the construction of Rigaud City Hall was recently completed. Rigaud City Hall is a new civic administration facility for a small Quebec community fifty kilometres west of Montreal.

Shelter on a Rock in Racine Quebec

Shelter on a Rock in Racine, Québec

Right from the first visit ESPACE VITAL architecture noticed that the clients had adopted the rock mound for their base camp. They had built a floating deck on its top giving a sense of owning the site and offering views of the surrounding forest.

New Central Library in Calgary

The New Central Library in Calgary

The Snøhetta and DIALOG designed new Central Library has opened its doors to the public. With aims to welcome over twice as many annual visitors to its 240,000 SF of expanded facilities, the library will fill a vital role for the rapidly expanding city.