Margeza apartment in Budapest, Hungary Flat Interior, Architecture Photos

Margeza apartment in Budapest

Szabo Ilonka utca Home: Contemporary Luxury Flat in Hungary – design by Margeza designers

22 Jan 2018

Margeza apartment in Budapest

Location: Szabo Ilonka utca, Budapest, Hungary

Design: Margeza

Margeza apartment in Budapest

The latest apartment of Margeza Design Studio.

Margeza apartment in Budapest

Photos by Áron Erdőháti

The apartment can be found in the heart of Budapest, with extraordinary views of the city, the Danube and one of the most beautiful buildings, the Parliament, pictured at night below:

Budapest Parliament building at night

After a complete renovation, designers Margit and Geza made the place special with unique furniture, carpets designed specifically with this apartment in mind, and adding a living green wall.

Margeza apartment in Budapest green wall Margeza apartment in Budapest

Naturally, the characteristics of Margeza style can be found everywhere: joyful, energy-filled colours give an atmosphere of happiness. On the Budapest-shaped carpet a small red dot shows the location of the apartment.

Margeza apartment in Budapest

The entire apartment is flooded with light. The giant window of the living room – like an open cinema – shows the ever-changing face of the city. From the terrace, one can enjoy the sight of boats sailing on the Danube.

Margeza apartment in Budapest Margeza apartment in Budapest

The apartment is 110 sqm (1,184 sq ft) on two levels, There is a living room and two bedrooms, with an additional study.

Margeza apartment in Budapest interior

More information online soon.

Margeza apartment in Budapest bedroom

Margeza apartment in Budapest bathroom

Date built: 2016-17
Street: Szabo Ilonka utca
City: Budapest
Status: For sale

apartment in Szabo Ilonka utca

Szabo Ilonka utca apartment in Budapest

Photographs: Áron Erdőháti

Szabo Ilonka utca apartment Budapest floor plan

Szabo Ilonka utca Budapest flat floor plan

Margeza apartment in Budapest images / information from Margeza

Margit & Geza, “a married couple living near the Belgium-Luxembourg border…both born in Hungary, but citizens of Belgium”:

Margit & Geza Budapest Hungary designers

Margit & Geza flat:

Location:Szabo Ilonka utca, Budapest, Hungary

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