Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct in Brisbane, Queensland

Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct Brisbane, Queensland Shopping Centre, Australian Retail Building

Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct in Brisbane

Retail Development Australia: Queensland Shopping Mall – design by The Buchan Group

20 Dec 2016

Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct, Brisbane

Buchan design activates new Hawthorne precinct

Design: The Buchan Group

Address: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

An old Brisbane dilapidated cottage has been transformed to form the heart of a new entertainment and retail hub called the Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct following a $3.5 million refurbishment and redesign by acclaimed Australasian Architectural firm The Buchan Group.

Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct in Brisbane

Located on the corner of Hawthorne Road and Lindsay Street, Hawthorne, the development boasts a new cinema offering 64 deluxe seats, a state-of-the-art sound and projection system, and a kitchen and bar. The precinct also hosts two new restaurants on the building’s ground floor.

Since the project’s launch in 2013, Buchan has managed and implemented the design for Cineplex Australia, overseeing all master planning concepts through to construction. It also delivered the interior and graphic design components, creating a fully integrated design solution that maximises the Deluxe Precinct’s entertainment offer.

Hawthorne Deluxe Precinct in Brisbane

Buchan Group Director Todd Crighton said the new precinct was designed to reflect the characteristics of the complex’s architectural surroundings, tapping into the suburb’s pre-1900 ambiance.

“The primary vision we had for the project was to create a precinct that captures and respects the characteristics of the area’s surrounding fabric and community. We also worked closely with the Catalano family, who have developed their entertainment business in this area during the past 30 years, which was rewarding and enjoyable experience,” he said.

“Anchored by a reused single-storey house, the refurbishment echoes the original design of the site through the use of wood and metal trimmings with exposed steel, brick work and concrete. These materials complement the original heritage-listed Hawthorne Cineplex theatre on the opposite side of the street.

“To facilitate the cinema complex’s boutique character and retail offering, the team has delivered a quality entertainment experience for cinema patrons, which will ultimately activate the area and stimulate pedestrian foot traffic to the precinct.

Fig Tree Pocket HouseHawthorne Deluxe Precinct Brisbane

“Buchan also created the structural shell for the building’s two restaurants, Downtown Istanbul and British Colonial Co, which feature both indoor and outdoor dining areas to enliven the building’s streetscape.”

Mr Crighton said the redesign and refurbishment project had ensured the area was the perfect place for patrons to meet, dine and enjoy a movie in one convenient location.

“It’s exciting to see the new entertainment and retail hub has quickly established itself as the heart of Hawthorne and builds on the legacy of quality family entertainment fostered by the Catalano family,” he said.

Photos: Toby Scott

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