Rodin Museum Building, Brazil: Brasil Arquitetura

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Rodin Museum Brasil : Architecture

New Building in Salvador, Bahia, South America – design by Brasil Arquitetura, Architects

27 Oct 2008

Rodin Museum

Date built: 2002-06

Design: Brasil Arquitetura

Location: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Rodin Museum Brasil Rodin Museum Rodin Museum Building Rodin Museum Brazil

Building Photographs: Nelson Kon

Rodin Museum Brasil Building Rodin Museum Building by Brasil Arquitetura Rodin Museum Building Brasil Rodin Museum by Brasil Arquitetura

Design Team: Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz (authors), Cícero Ferraz Cruz (colaborator), Albert Sugai, Bruno Levy, Gabriel Grinspum, Rodrigo Izecson

Rodin Museum Rodin Museum Bahia Rodin Museum Salvador, Bahia Brazilian Museum Building

Area: 4850 m² (site); 1575m²(existing building), 1480m²(new building)

Brazilian Museum Building Brazilian Museum Building Brazilian Museum Building

Rodin Museum images / information from Brasil Arquitetura

Creating the first affiliate out of france of the rodin museum in salvador, state of bahia, required meeting a number of prerequisites. the first was to find a site with cultural relevance to the city and that met all the technical requirements to house about seventy original plaster pieces, part of the collection of the museum in paris.

The objective of both the restoration of the building and the new interventions was to provide the necessary infrastructure, adapting the spaces to the activities of the museum.

Location:Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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