Casa Erechim in Rio Grande do Sul

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Casa Erechim

Contemporary Residence in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – design by Luciano Lerner Basso, architect

22 Jan 2019

Casa Erechim in Rio Grande do Sul

Architect: Luciano Lerner Basso

Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Casa Erechim

Casa Erechimi

House 4.16.3 is located in the city of Erechim, in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, brazilian state, around 400 km from the state capital, Porto Alegre. The region has a subtropical climate, with warm, humid summers and chilly, rainy winters, which poses yet another challenge to the architect, in terms of habitability. Built on a terrain with a slope of twenty meters and several native plant species, the project sought to minimally alter the topography, proposing a building that lies on one of its highest parts and, from there on, develops sometimes accommodating itself on the natural profile and sometimes hovering over it.

Casa Erechimi

Casa Erechimi

Casa Erechimi 18

The program was divided into two volumes: the first is 42 meters long and 8 meters wide, positioned parallel to the contour lines, holds services and the house’s intimate area. The second is one floor below and accommodates the social sector, connecting directly to the patio and the pool area. The two blocks form a “T”, just as the Prairie Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright and articulate through vertical circulation. Where the imaginary axes meet there is a double height ceiling that unites the volumes and allows the intimate area of the house to spatially take over the social area.

Casa Erechimi

There are two accesses, one of daily use of the residents, which is through the garage and allows the house to be used as if it were one-story despite of the rugged topography, since the basic program is completely at the same level. The other access is at the lower level, through the living room with double height ceiling, and through it there is access to a promenade architecturale, which starts on the promenade, passes under the structural balance of 4.5 meters and develops through the pillars below the main volume.

Casa Erechimi 6

Casa Erechimi

On the slab of the lower volume there is a garden terrace, which can be accessed from the intimate living room, and next to the barbecue lounge there is another terrace, where the pool is located. From both the user is positioned at the same level of the treetops and this artificial floor takes the view as if the landscape were habitable.

Casa Erechimi Casa Erechimi

The work is materialized through common construction techniques of the region: the structure is in reinforced concrete and the walls are ceramic brick masonry coated with cement and sand mortar plaster. The labor used was local and in addition to the utmost respect for the natural terrain profile, the house has a rain water reuse systems; heating through solar energy; natural ventilation and lighting in every room; reduction of energy losses through double exterior walls with air chambers and also high performance double glazed window frames.

Casa Erechimi

Individual actions that together make a difference for the environment. This residence was requested by a couple who were already friends before being clients, who also had children whom we watched grow. The design act took, more than ever, the nuances that guide the architect’s work, where technique is a mean for building human and sensitive spaces appropriate to the site.

Casa Erechimi

About the author
Luciano Lerner Basso (1979) graduated from the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – Faculty of Architecture in 2003 and has a master’s degree in Architecture (UniRitter/Mackenzie, 2015). Basso won the 2003 Opera Prima award with his graduation project. His projects were selected in the São Paulo (2005) and Brasília (2007) Architecture Biennials. He established his own architecture firm and, although he has no children of his own, he passionately practices Architecture, believing that he can make the world a better place for his grandchildren through architecture.

Casa Erechim in Rio Grande do Sul – Building Information

Architectural design: Luciano Lerner Basso, architect
Year: 2011-2015
Land area: 2,150 sqm
Built-up area: 510 sqm
Construction: Construtora Gaúcha Ltda
Execution and structural design: Flavio Alberto Remor, civil engineer
Electric and hydrosanitary design: Ivan Santin, civil engineer

Casa Erechimi

Other contributors: Michelle Donida, architect
PVC frames: Weiku.
Wooden frames: Ebaiana.
Ceramic flooring and tiles: Porto Design; Portinari; Itagres.
Marble/granite: MG3 Marmores e Granitos.
Other tiles and stones: Castelatto; Pavão Revestimentos; Eccostone.
Plaster ceiling: Badalotti Gesso.
External floors: Arte Piso artefatos de cimento.
Pool’s tiles: Cerâmica Atlas.
Furniture: Cencerros Móveis Rústicos; Cansian Móveis; Jader Almeida.
Tableware and metals: Deca.
Air conditioning: Frigelar / Fujitsu.

Casa Erechimi

Photography: Marcelo Donadussi, architect

Casa Erechim in Rio Grande do Sul images / information from Luciano Lerner Basso, architect

Location:Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil ‘

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