The Clarendon: Boston Residential Tower

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The Clarendon, Boston

Residential Tower Massachusetts, New England, northeast USA

27 Aug 2011

The Clarendon Boston

The Clarendon, Boston, MA, United States

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, United States

The Clarendon, a 32-story residential tower in Boston where Back Bay meets the South End, addresses a complex urban hodgepodge—buildings of different vintages, scales, and materials to create a new connection in the fragmented middle ground between two very different neighborhoods. The site stands opposite Henry Cobb’s iconic John Hancock Tower (I.M. Pei & Partners, 1976).

The Clarendon The Clarendon Boston
photographs : Peter Aaron – Esto

Our developer client required a building with a residential character; the Boston Redevelopment Authority insisted on a design that looked to the future while respecting the past; and we felt it was important to mediate between the foursquare stone and brick buildings that dot the neighborhood and the slender 790- foot glass prism of the Hancock. Our solution was to conceive our building as an asymmetrical composition of 60- foot cubes to suggest that traditional masonry building blocks from the neighborhood had come together to step up and address the Hancock Tower.

The 60-foot grid fits the dimensions of the site; it is an ideal depth for rental and condominium apartments; and it matched the setbacks appropriate to separate the rental apartments from the condominiums above. Here brick facades are overtly expressed as curtainwall—no pretense here that they are load-bearing—and the glass curtainwall slots that demarcate the cubes reinforce the impression of weightlessness.

At the street, separate entrances to the rental apartments and to the condominiums, as well as glass shopfronts, are set into limestone facades, topped with a layer of glass curtainwall above which the rest of our tower seems to float.

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Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Location:Boston, MA, USA