Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book

Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book, Dutch Architecture Publication, Amsterdam Design Office, Images

Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book

Architecture Book on Amsterdam Design Studio, Holland  – Editor: John Bezold

22 Apr 2015

Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book

Editor: John Bezold

Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book

The oversized photography in this book encapsulates an elongated journey throughout the life of twelve buildings, from construction to inhabitation, by architect Wiel Arets, as experienced by artist Bas Princen.

Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book

Arets is an architect whose exacting colored pencil perspectives, mysterious images, and prolific oeuvre of built works have garnered global accolades; they engage their particular contexts, possess a hybrid-flexibility for the future, and remain distinguished in stance even after decades of use.

Wiel Arets–Bas Princen

Princen is acclaimed for his immense images that portray the interplay of contemporary metropolitan conditions as they converge with raw wilderness.

Wiel Arets–Bas Princen

The architecture within these pages emanates from an unexpected lens; columns seem to be composed of trees; fritted surfaces resemble abstract paintings; technical spaces replicate sculptural silhouettes.

Wiel Arets–Bas Princen

Traveling through Europe and Japan, Princen has recorded inconspicuous incidents of ephemerality that paralleled the making, progress, and use of theses works of architecture—all of which are representative of Arets’ studio throughout its three-decade history. The book will launch in May 2015.

Wiel Arets – Bas Princen Book – Book Information

ISBN 978-3-7757-3505-6

Published: 2015
Editor: John Bezold
Back cover text: Ludovic Balland
Photography: Bas Princen
Publisher: Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern
Graphic design: Mevis & van Deursen, Amsterdam
Pages: 164

Wiel Arets–Bas Princen

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Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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