Alexanderplatz Turm Berlin: Fernsehturm, Tele-spargel Tower

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Berlin Tower Building – Fernsehturm

Alexanderplatz Turm, Berlin, Germany – design by Hermann Henselmann / Jörg Streitparth

Alexanderplatz Tower

Fernsehturm, central east Berlin
Date built: 1965-69
Design: Hermann Henselmann / Jörg Streitparth

Berlin Tower building : ‘Tele-spargel’

Alexanderplatz Berlin photographs:

Fernsehturm Berlin Alexanderplatz Tower Fernsehturm
photos © Adrian Welch

Up to the 1850s, this square was a military parade and exercise ground, as well as a place where local farmers sold their produce. It became a major transport junction when the railway station opened in 1882.

The construction of the central market hall in 1886 and the Tietz department store between 1904 and 1911 made the square the city’s main shopping centre. It gained literary fame around the world with Alfred Döblin’s 1929 novel Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Alexanderplatz Tower Alexanderplatz Tower Alexanderplatz Turm
photos © Adrian Welch

Alexanderplatz tower + buildings – scanned photos from 1995, by isabelle lomholt:

Alexanderplatz Tower Alexanderplatz Tower Alexanderplatz Tower Berlin

Alexanderplatz tower – proposal
Alexanderplatz Berlin Tower

Location:Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany