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Royal Racecourse Ostend, Belgium

Contemporary Belgian Development – design by BURO II

13 Mar 2009

Royal Racecourse Ostend Building

Wellington Racecoures development site, Ostend, Belgium
Design: BURO II / BURO Interior

Royal Racecourse Ostend Projects

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Sea’rena Parking; Sea’rena seating : Sea’rena foyer
Royal Racecourse Ostend Royal Racecourse Ostend Building Wellington Racecoures Ostend

This historic site is of great importance to the city of Ostend. This is, amongst others, determined by its location: the proximity to the sea the Royal Galleries and the historically important Thermae Palace. The former racecourse for horseracing was turned into a collection of projects, and a crossroads of activities, which bring a new urban dynamic to ‘the queen of seaside resorts’.

Kinepolis ; Restaurant Pigeon ; Clubhouse golf
Royal Racecourse Ostend Royal Racecourse Ostend Royal Racecourse Ostend
photos : Kris Vandamme

The inner court of the Royal Racecourse has been redeveloped as a golf course (1).
The protected ‘little castle’ has been restored and renovated into the clubhouse for the golfers on the one hand; and on the other hand, into a restaurant with a stunning view on the first floor (2). The Kinepolis movie complex slips into these urban natural surroundings. The building’s volume follows the projection and visible lines of the halls, and minimises its presence in comparison to the monumental views. The concept is based on the flow of pedestrians – starting from the Royal Galleries through the foyer along the racecourse. The corporate venue rooms on the first floor offer a stunning view over the racecourse (3). On the other side, 114 apartments are being built, whereby the maritime character can be found in both the design and in the use of materials, with large glass surfaces and white concrete. The continuous use of terraces makes the sea part of life in this building (4).

Apartments ; Total plan
Royal Racecourse Ostend Royal Racecourse Ostend

Finally, these developments include a sports complex, with a shopping centre and office space – good for a total of 23,000m². This sports temple is above the half submerged shopping complex. Around the stands, one is surrounded by an aura of positive rooms. In addition, two parking towers were constructed, providing parking space for 500 cars (5).

Bruges Retail Center Belgium image / information from BURO II

Royal Racecourse Ostend Building design : Buro II

Location:Ostende, Flemish Region, Belgium