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Nursery in Lessines

Belgian Pre-School Development – design by ARJM Architeture

28 May 2014

Nursery in Lessines

Design: Bekkering ARJM Architeture

A nursery is a place of life that has a special place in the world of “services” because of the very nature of its function. Indeed, this environment is more than a workplace. It forms a microcosm of parents, children and staff. This multiplicity of actors and roles induces various ways of using the space. It also involves complex interrelationships where the built environment is the support.

Nursery In Lessines

We are particularly interested in the spaces of the child, who is a extremely sensitive user. Because a child does not perceive the space in the same way as an adult does not only in size but also by its own logic under construction.

Nursery In Lessines

The project contains 3 sections organized in the same manner to provide the child with a stable environment in time and space. Each section addresses five types of activities: reception, care, play (indoor and outdoor), meals and rest. These activities define sub-areas observable by an adult at all points in order to maintain constant supervision of children.

Nursery In Lessines

The program was crystallized in a very energy-efficient project. The building takes a very compact form. The project is oriented north-south and east-west. Northern face contains the technical parts and circulations. The southern part is protected from overheating being relatively closed. The nursery therefore opens mainly east and west. Both sides offer the softest and most suited lights. Both areas focus living spaces like activity rooms and administrative offices.

Nursery In Lessines

The nursery takes position on the fringe of a strong landscape structure, careers and the city of Lessines. These issues are embodied in a building that opens new possibilities … Living in the landscape.

Nursery In Lessines

Nursery in Lessines – Building Information

Project Title: Nursery in Lessines
Client: Municipality of Lessines
Architect: ARJM Architeture
Site area: –
Gross Floor area: 800m²
Location: Lessines, Belgium
Status: Built (2013)
Project start date: 2008
Cost: 1.200.000€
Jean-François van der Placke
JZH & Partners
SECA Benelux

Photography: Marc Detiffe

Nursery in Lessines images / information from ARJM Architeture

Location:Lessines, Belgium

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