Bruges Retail Center: Belgian Store Development

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Bruges Retail Center, Belgium

Contemporary Belgian Store Development – design by BURO II

5 Feb 2009

Bruges Shopping Center


In collaboration with Bontinck architecture and engineering and BURO Interior

Building of a retail center at Bruges

Bruges Retail Center Bruges Shopping Center Bruges Shopping Centre Bruges Retail Centre
photos : Koen Van Damme

Bruges Shopping Center

By order of NV Codic, BURO II built a new shopping centre north of Bruges. Some fifteen retail chains are located there.

An awning makes for a transition from the building to the parking lot. This awning assures the unity and recognisability of the site through a new skyline, but at the same time, it creates opportunities for advertising and profiling for the different retail chains. The clean rhythm of the parking bays is completed with a patchwork of various elements that determine the character of this space. The integration of the green elements on the parking lot determines the view, but the same goes also for the water surfaces that function as buffers for the draining of rainwater.

Bruges Retail Center Bruges Retail Center
photos : Kris Van Damme

Bruges Retail Center Belgium image / information from BURO II

Bruges Retail Center design :

Location:Bruges, Belgium