Oostduinkerke Apartments – Belgium Building

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Oostduinkerke Apartments, Belgium

Office + Residential Development in Belgium – design by BURO II with Alhp’

26 Jun 2009

Oostduinkerke Apartments

Office with upstairs apartment in Oostduinkerke


An eye-catcher on the village square

Design: BURO II with Alhp’

Oostduinkerke Apartments
photo : Kris Van Damme

The volume is at the head of a row of buildings, on the corner of the village square. Due to the location, its character is determined by the village square to a large extent. The designers took this into account by making the wall facing the village square completely transparent. This unique building consists of an apartment (+1), an office (0) and a partial cellar (-1). There is a separate entrance to the apartment.
The building is eye-catching without being ostentatious and is people-friendly and inviting, thanks to the scale.

Oostduinkerke Apartments Belgium
photo : BURO II

The entire volume is structured by an interplay of lines in concrete, wood and aluminium window frames, which produces a feeling of rhythm and playfulness. The architecture has been enhanced by the selected materials. Architectonic visible concrete is used for the weight-bearing structure, ceilings and outer tiles. Lightness is added by the use of glass for the display windows, windows and dividing walls for the toilet. Massive oak and woollen felt in the interior give the building the necessary warmth in addition to their acoustic function. The oak wood structure nestles throughout the concrete construction, both horizontally (floors, laying pattern) and vertically (stairs, cupboards, doors, outer walls). Views and perspectives from inside to outside and vice versa are an intrinsic part of the architecture. Inside, the laminated display in oak forms a division between the working and public space.
Finally, solar panels on the roof provide green energy.
The strongly structured character with oak and architectonically visibly concrete which has the allure of natural stone, gives this building an air of restrained luxury. The village square and garden provide a change of mood.

This building was designed by BURO II in collaboration with Alhp’, who were responsible for the interior and furniture design.

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Location:Oostduinkerke, Belgium ‘