Tiananmen Square Landscape Competition, Beijing, China

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Tiananmen Square Competition : Beijing Landscape Design Contest

Web 2.0 Competition, China

Tiananmen Square Competition

Web 2.0 Landscape Competition for Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

Completion date : 1st June 2010

This competition aims to generate debate and ideas for the re-designing a section of the most important urban space in the history of Chinese civilization.

Tiananmen Square view:
Tiananmen Square

It is a Web 2.0 competion in the sense of generating debate from a wide spectrum of designers, sponsors, users, photographers and critics. A secondary aim is to show the world that the landscape architecture profession can and should take a lead in urban design.

Tiananman Square Landscape Architecture image:
Tiananmen Square

For a recession bound profession, it is a chance for individuals and firms to make new reputations and help set the agenda for tomorrow’s landscape. Educators are invited to specify their own versions of the brief for the cohorts they teach.

Entries can be published to Flickr any time between March 2009 and June 2010. There will be an Early Bird Prize for the first entry submitted.

Chairman Mao Zedong:
Chairman Mao Zedong

Beijing Buildings

View across Tiananmen Square looking towards the Forbidden City:
Tiananmen Square Beijing
Photo : Andrew McRae

Wide Open Ideas Competition for Tiananmen Square in Beijing
This is the first of several competitions run to identify a range of possible design solutions, against a broad conceptual brief, with no commitment to build. They will be for significant design sites around the world. The aim of the Tiananmen Square Landscape Compeition is to generate debate and ideas for re-designing part of the most important urban space in the history of Chinese Civilization. We hope this will also set a new course for Eastern Landscape Architecture, helping in the development of an ecologically and culturally distinctive design tradition.

Location:Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China