People's Daily HQ Office Beijing

Beijing Architecture Tours

Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China. Major buildings on the architectural tours include Bird’s Nest – National Stadium building, CCTV Headquarters, Capital Airport, PHTV International Media Center and The French Embassy building.

MQ Studio in Beijing

MQ studio in Beijing

The golden flowing river contrasted with soft misty clouds located at Beijing world trade center, a hair salo; MQ studio has been designed and construction completed by CAA.

Mini Living Urban Cabin in Beijing

MINI Living Urban Cabin in Beijing

Fourth interpretation of the MINI Living Urban Cabin concept presented at the architecture exhibition China House Vision draws on traditional Beijing forms of housing, as well as developing innovative ideas for maximum quality of living.

Jing Fan Shop in Beijing

Jing Fan Shop in Beijing

Golucci Interior Architects designed the Jing Fan Shop, located in Beijing. This store in South Luogu Lane is not only a selling space, but also a place for refined tastes people to drinking tea and having conversations.