Forum Bathing Zone – Zona de Banys, Barcelona Forum

Forum Bathing Zone, Zona de Banys, Barcelona Forum, Beth Gali, Architect, Spain

Barcelona Bathing Pool

Catalan Waterfront Landscape – design by Beth Gali Architect

Zona de Banys

Diagonal Mar – Barcelona Forum
Design: Beth Gali, Architect

Forum Bathing Zone

Zona de Banys Barcelona Forum
photo © Adrian Welch

I had hoped this humble piece of landscaping would offset the macho structures just inland and show how female architects can outshine by taking a different tack but despite some subtley dynamic concrete seats that unfold out of a concrete wall most of the decking is thin gruel for the brain. A series of pontoons reach into a thin stretch of water protected from the Mediterranean by a riot of huge concrete blocks, with a skeletal spine marking a boundary with the Auditoria Park just inland.

Zona de Banys, Forum Barcelona – photos:

Zona de Banys Barcelona Forum Bathing Zone Forum Bathing Zone Barcelona
photos © Adrian Welch

Images of this Beth Gali architecture available: photos 1280×1024 pixels, 72dpi

Zona de Banys, Forum Barcelona by Beth Gali, Architect: Photos © Adrian Welch

Location:Zona de Banys, Diagonal Mar, Barcelona, Spain