Healthcare Centre Balaguer: Lérida Building, Spain

Healthcare Centre Balaguer, Lérida Building, Project, Spanish Design, Image

Development in Lérida, Catalonia, Spain

Centro Sociosanitario en Balaguer – design by BAAS, Jordi Badia

11 Nov 2009

Healthcare Centre in Balaguer

Design: BAAS, Jordi Badia


Centro Sociosanitario en Balaguer

Our proposal is for a new public access area to the newly-built Healthcare Centre, providing a gracious end to the corona of municipal service buildings which emanates from the Plaza Mercadal. A pedestrianised street will link this square to the car park located opposite the regional government headquarters.

A large reception portico focuses the main entrance towards the new square, the river and Calle Àngel Guimerà, which is the source of pedestrian access. Besides this main entrance, the building also features secondary access points.

Healthcare Centre Balaguer Healthcare Centre Catalonia Healthcare Centre terrace Healthcare Centre interior

Impressive views of the Sierra Vicenta and the meadows of Molino de Pena coincide with the south- and west-facing facades. That’s why the majority of residential rooms are located on upper floors overlooking these geographical features, whereas the public areas are on the east façade, also occupied by the Mossos de Esquadra police station, and the ground floor, which leads to the doctor’s surgery and drop-in hospital.

The use of mosaic tiles on the facade harmonises it with the historical buildings of Balaguer’s old quarter and bestows the centre with a more upbeat image. Automatic white fibreglass window screens shade rooms’ balconies from the sun and offer privacy.

Centro Sociosanitario en Balaguer – Building Information

Location: Balaguer is the capital of the comarca of Noguera, in the province of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
Name: Healthcare Center in Balaguer
Site: Balaguer, Lérida, Spain
Project: 2009
Surface Area: 4.943 sqm

Author of the Project: Jordi Badia
Team: Viki Llinares, Eva Damià, Rafael Berengena, Álvaro Gutiérrez

Promoter: GISA – CatSalut

Healthcare Centre Balaguer images / information from BAAS, Jordi Badia

Location:Balaguer, Lérida, Spain