LEAF Awards Young Architect of the Year 2008

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Shortlist – Winning Architect 2008

21 Oct 2008

LEAF Awards Young Architect of the Year

LEAF Awards 2008 : Young Architect of the Year Award

Xavier Vilalta Sabartés

Arreletes Day Care Center

Out of all the categories, the judges found this to be the hardest decision of all, for what unfolded was a debate that lasted well into the small hours.

La Estancia Chapel designed by Bunker Arquitectura and the Arreletes Day Care Center by Xavier Vilalta Studio had split the judges down the middle with each judge citing specific criteria within their respective choices as to why they believed this to be a worthy winner.

The runner-up was described by one judge as a “delicious concept – very well handled for a young architect” whist another commented on the palette of materials used which were “simple but beautiful”, which in turn created a superb translucency and transparency in the structure. But despite these praises the judges thought the design a little naïve and the final decision to award the Day Care Center the prize boiled down to the ‘daring factor’.

Whether the judges’ votes sided with this or the Chapel, all of the judges were in total agreement that this was a bold and daring piece of architecture for a young architect, which has been extremely well executed.

Alongside the controlled lighting, the clever lay-out of levels and the continuous and versatile spaces, the judges were most taken by the use of strong and bold colours which they felt perfectly complimented a building whose principal residents were children.

So, there we have it – the winner of the Young Architect Award – Xavier Vilalta Studio. Many congratulations!

Young Architect – jóvenes arquitectos
Arreltes Day Care Center, Els Alamus, Lleida, Spain – Xavier Vilata Studio

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