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CTBUH Urban Habitat Award

Best New Tall Building – New Architecture

26 Jun 2014

CTBUH Urban Habitat Award Winner: 2014

Inaugural CTBUH Urban Habitat Award Winner: The Interlace, Singapore

The Interlace, a residential tall building project in Singapore, has won the inaugural Urban Habitat award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). The Interlace is a 1,040-unit apartment complex consisting of 31 apartment blocks, each six stories tall and 70 meters long, stacked in hexagonal arrangements around eight large-scale, permeable courtyards. An extensive network of communal gardens and spaces is interwoven with amenities, providing multiple opportunities for social interaction, leisure and recreation – both on the roofs of, and in between, these stacked horizontal blocks.

The Interlace, Singapore:
The Interlace, Singapore

The Awards Jury also recognized the considerable urban qualities of NEO Bankside, London, UK, in awarding it Finalist status in this inaugural year of the urban habitat award. Set in a rejuvenating area on the south bank of the Thames, this 217-unit residential project takes its cues from the surrounding context of Southwark, channeling its contemporary energy and past industrial heritage. Ground-level retail and landscaped groves guide the public through the site from the riverside into the neighborhood.

NEO Bankside, London:
NEO Bankside

The CTBUH Urban Habitat Award is newly established this year to recognize that the impact of tall buildings extends far beyond the buildings themselves. The award recognizes significant contributions to the urban realm, in connection with tall buildings. In particular, it highlights projects that demonstrate a positive contribution to the surrounding environment, add to the social sustainability of both their immediate and wider settings, and represent design influenced by context, both environmentally and culturally.

All award winners will be recognized at the CTBUH 13th Annual Awards Symposium, which will take place at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, on November 6. The symposium will be followed by the Awards Ceremony and Dinner in the iconic Crown Hall, designed by Mies van der Rohe. The 10-Year, Lifetime Achievement, Building Performance and Innovation awards will be announced in the coming weeks, and will also feature at November’s awards events.

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