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Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Awards

BSA Architecture Prize : Winners in 2010

11 Aug 2010

BSA Unbuilt Awards

Four projects won Design Awards in the Boston Society of Architects’ (BSA) 2010 Unbuilt Awards.

BSA Unbuilt Awards

1. Land of Giants by Choi & Shine Architects is a remarkable vision of high-voltage transmission line towers made monumental yet human and beautiful.

Land of Giants
image from architect

2. Playcloud by Nameless Architecture provides a fabric, portable pavilion that is beautiful and sustainable.

image from BSA

3. Retreat House by Hutker Architects addresses issues around coastal preservation.

Retreat House
image from BSA

4. Putting the Farm Back in Farmington by University of Arkansas offers a great “tool kit” for practically introducing urban gardening into a city.

image from BSA

1. Land of Giants (Reykjavik, Iceland)
Client: Landsnet
Firm: Choi+Shine Architects
Designers: Jin Choi and Thomas Shine AIA (principals)

2. Playcloud
Client: Pigment, Action Arts League
Firm: Nameless Architecture
Designers: Unchung Na and Sorae Yoo (principals)

3. Retreat House
Client: Richard Lavin
Firm: Hutker Architects
Designers: Evan Hutker, (project designer); Mark Hutker AIA (principal); Charles Orr AIA (principal); Matt Schiffer AIA (project manager); Alyssa Keating and Mary Di Buono (project team)

4. Putting the Farm Back in Farmington
Client: City of Farmington
Firm: University of Arkansas Community Design Center (UACDC)
Designers: Stephen D. Luoni, Assoc. AIA; Jeffrey E. Huber, Assoc. AIA; Peter Bednar; Katie Anne Breshears AIA; Cory A. Amos; Tyler K. Cukar; Caleb J. Lowery; Nicholas J. Pierce

Architectural educators and architecture students throughout the world are annually invited to submit real or theoretical projects. For more on the BSA’s awards programs, visit

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Boston Society of Architects Award : Gran Kriegel Associates

Adams Street Building
photo : Paul Warchol

Location:Boston, USA ‘