3DReid Student Prize – UK Architecture

3DReid Student Prize, Buildings, 2008, UK

3DReid Student Prize

British Architecture Student Award – UK Architectural Design

12 Nov 2007

3DReid Prize


Architecture Student Prize

3DReid has announced a £5,000 pot for their 3rd practice-run student prize – the largest run by an architectural practice. Five shortlisted final year students will each receive £800 and the ‘Best of the Best’ will receive an additional £1,000 grand prize.

The 3DReid Student Prize is aimed at rewarding students for their excellence in concept and design during the current 2007/8 academic year. Letters and posters will be going out in the coming weeks to architectural departments across the UK asking heads of departments to consider their nominations. Each school can only nominate one student each.

David Stanford, Director at 3DReid said: “In collaborating with these academic institutions, we aim to give graduates an opportunity to expose their work to a broad audience, putting their college work and experience within the context of a practicing firm of architects. The practice strongly believes that supporting students through the challenges of their college courses is essential in preventing a widening gap between education and practice. “

Professor Tim Heath, Chair of Architecture & Urban Design at the University of Nottingham, said: “The 3DReid Student Prize is a fantastic example of a practice showcasing the best architectural projects emerging from our leading schools of architecture and an exciting opportunity for the selected students to exhibit their work to a wider audience.”

The results will be announced after the end of year shows in 2008.