Villach Technology Park: Austrian Building, St.Magdalen

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Villach St.Magdalen, Austria

Technology Park Buildings – design by transparadiso, architects

1 Jun 2010

Technology Park Villach St.Magdalen

Villach Technology Park, Carinthia, Southern Austria

Design: transparadiso

Villach Technology Park Villach St.Magdalen Technology Park Villach St.Magdalen

Villach Technology Park

Location:Villach, Carynthia, Southern Austria

Competition, first prize, master plan (27 hectars)

with Arge Urlaub (transparadiso, Kletzl, Knaller-Vlay/ con:, Dengler, Land in Sicht/ landscape architects)

The site for the new technology park is located on the border of Villach in Carynthia (Southern Austria) next to the River Drava. The master plan and urban design are based on the following aspects: The landscape and nature of the flood plain forest along the River Drava are used strategically for creating a specific quality beyond the usually simple architecture of companies in a technology park. The project works with the original image of a dense wood along the River Drava, from which “islands” for the buildings of the technology park are cut out so that the representation of the individual buildings steps back in favor of nature. The companies are represented by a logo-area above the roof overlooking the wood- which can be seen widely from the adjacent stilted highway. The goal of the project was to achieve a poetic image of a unique “corporate identity” of the technology park as a whole.

The backbone of the urban design is a “strip” which offers the main access to the islands, creating an urban boulevard open for a multiplicity of programs. A development plan designates site and number of “islands” hosting the companies in different types of islands according to size and content. The maximum height of 22 meters corresponds with the treetops of the full-grown wood. On the strip the individual entry points to the islands are marked by “satellites” as signifiers of specifically developed urban programs like “friends for 24 hours”, “body-biotope”, “care”, “blow up”…

Villach Technology Park Villach St.Magdalen Technology Park Villach St.Magdalen

An artificial, naked hill punches through the tree tops representing an attractive view-point. An artificial bay next to the boarding house (which might be integrated into the hill) would house boats for various leisure activities. “Strip” and “hill” and special leisure facilities rupture the mono-functional character of a technology park creating new ways of representation and networking of innovative companies.

The development plan was accepted, but the wood as central element of the concept was never realized. Today the technology park only exists as an amputated version with a few buildings lost on a site without identity or any other features.

Villach Technology Park images / information from transparadiso

Location:Villach, Carynthia, Austria’