Hügelland Halle: St. Margarethen an der Raab Building

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Hügelland – Halle, Weiz district, Austria : Styria Architecture

Halle building – design by Söhne & Partners, Architects

21 Oct 2010

Hügelland – Halle

Design : Söhne & Partners

Hügelland – Halle in. St. Margarethen an der Raab, Weiz


The task of the competition was to create an addition to the existing town hall. The new part had to host apartments and a new event hall.

To create a concise sign for the township was one of the main focuses. The positioning of the hall, the location of the entrance is set to create a lively outdoor space as a regional market square.

Hügelland – Halle Halle in. St. Margarethen an der Raab Hügelland Halle Austria St Margarethen an der Raab Building
Town planningly the exercise was to but all the single elements of the exisiting and new in a harmonious whole structure. The ordering architectural focus was „to bring everything under a hat “.

The succinct and connecting creation element of the whole structure is the roof.

It is designed to orient the main access to the centre of the public and urban life. The raised platform in front of the entrance, and the glazed entrance area attracts the attention of the visitor to itself and connects Inside – with the outside space.

A generous distance of the main building to the hall creates in the central entrance and transitional area, the entrance hall. This glass cube forms the central connecting element between the existing and new building. The big accesses area of the hall and the demanded adaptable design, unite when required the entrance hall area with the hall. With natural light and views, direction to the village. In the back area the entrance hall opens to the covered with greenery inner courtyard and is exposed by the room-high glazing. After the back area there is the supply and delivery of the hall. Also from the hall the visitor has a direct view to the outside – when required the window front is closed by curtains and thereby the hall is darkened. The MEP itself is settled in the second upper floor and is accessible from a staircase in the existing house.

Hügelland – Halle Weiz Halle in. St. Margarethen an der Raab Hügelland Halle Styria St Margarethen an der Raab Styria

How the main access is turned to the centre of the urban life so the outside stage or outdoor stage is also turned to the village square. The public life becomes the village core, brought to the regional marketplace. The façade material -fiber cement concrete panels strengthen the formally compact impression.

Hügelland Halle – Building Information

Location: Weiz district, Styria, Austria Competition: Recognition Award

Net Area: 2800 m2
Renderings: miss 3

Hügelland – Halle images / information from Söhne & Partners

Söhne & Partners

Location:Weiz, Austria