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Haus Lina, Austria : Linz House

Pöstlingberg house in Linz, Austria, design by Caramel Architekten

21 Jul 2009

Linz Residence

house lina

Building type: Home for a mother with a child, Linz, Austria
Date built: 2006
Design: Caramel Architekten

This unit, officially an extension but basically autonomous, serves as a house for a mother and child and is situated in a partly wooded area of the grandparents’ property, on the southwestern slope of pöstlingberg in linz.

house lina Pöstlingberg house Linz Home Linz House
photo : caramel

Though infrastructurally “docked” onto the extant building, the unit itself includes all the necessary primary facilities such as bath, kitchen, heating, and hot water.

The limiting factors of available construction space and financial resources determined the building’s dimensions. through consistently rational planning it was possible to reduce the duration and costs of construction. the proportions and the construction grid of the unit, for example, were designed to correspond with standard particleboard dimensions; the building as a whole was planned using the lightweight construction method with an efficient system of thermal insulation. finally, it took only a few days to mount the partially prefabricated elements onto the completed steel framework, which is attached at intervals to the strip foundations.

The unit was intentionally “not built to last forever”; it can be easily removed or extended, depending on the inhabitants’ future living situation; a nearby garden shed serves as a “building site placeholder.”

Haus Lina – Building Information

Project management: caramel
Structural engineering: werkraum wien
Building physics: thomas seidl

Start of planning: Feb 2004
Start of construction: May 2004
Completion: Sep 2004

Cubage: 202 m3
Property area: ca. 3000 m2
Developed area: 69 m2
Effective area: 66 m2

Construction: timber, glass, steel
Cladding: glass fiber reinforced pvc-membrane
Load-bearing PPG as a structurally effective corner glazing element

Washroom facilities are contained in a free-standing box within the box; the roof can be used as a spare bed

The entire building is mounted on a steel framework attached to strip foundations

Haus Lina images / information from Caramel Architekten

Linz Residence architect : Caramel Architekten

Location: Linz, Austria, central Europe

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