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Marble Mural Athens : Architecture

Contemporary Greek Design – by Point Supreme Architects

18 Jan 2011

Marble Mural Athens

Design: Point Supreme Architects

Marble Mural Marble Mural Athens Marble Mural Greece

The piece is a hymn to marble; a 10 x 2m wall consisting of 7 marble pieces of different origin, natural history, color, texture and image. These marble pieces are treated with various traditional and digital techniques of workmanship that mingle with the inherent material narrations; holes, hidden and visible cuts, two and three dimensional relief, digital and handmade print, imagery from the past and the future, light.

Marble Mural Marble Mural Athens Marble Mural Greece

Consequently, marble is revealed not as the clean and current matter we are accustomed to seeing it as, but rather as a rich, thick live object that hides and reveals stories, can be transformed into a painting, stands up and creates space.

The project is the result of sculpting, cnc engraving, painting, digital printing and water cutting on marble.

Marble Mural Marble Mural Athens Marble Mural Greece

Marble Mural Greece – Project Information

Status: realized
Program: partition wall
Location: Interior Design Show 2010, Athens, Greece
Team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Beth Hughes, Jean-Sébastien Lebreton, Ioannis Gio
Collaborators: Nikos Sepetzoglou (painter), Hector Papadakis (sculptor), Perrakis Marbles (supply), Smponias Marbles (CNC), Grammatikas Marbles (water cutting), Opsis (steel frame), Workshop (furniture), Print All (digital printing supervision)
Year: 2010
Photos: Yannis Drakoulidis

Point Supreme Architects architect studio based in Athens, Greece

Marble Mural Athens images / information from Point Supreme Architects

Point Supreme Architects

Location:Fokianou, Athens, Greece

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