How To Choose The Right Variety of Turf for Your Yard Guide, Home Style Advice

How To Choose The Right Variety of Turf for Your Yard

20 June 2020

Looking for the best Sir Grange turf Sydney has to offer? Trying to work out your Couch turf from your Kikuyu? If so then don’t panic, we have got a simple guide on how you can pick the right turf for your yard.

The world of turf is far more complex than most people realize and it is highly important that you have an understanding of exactly what you need in order to turn that yard into a grassy paradise. Without further ado then, let’s get stuck into all things turf, and find out how you can make sure that you make the right selection when it comes to choosing what to put down.


Naturally cost is going to play a key role in the selection of turf, as much like anything else you have to fork out for the very best. For example stadium turf looks great but it will set you back a pretty penny if you wish to have this kind of lawn on your property. Think up a budget before you go shopping for the right turf.


The look of the turf is also going to be something which you must consider, as not all turfs give the same appearance once they have taken root. When you go shopping for the turf, pay particular attention to the varying colors and tones of the turf, as well as the overall look of the blades once grown.


Maintenance of the turf is something else which varies and so you need to be honest with yourself as to how often you realistically believe that you will maintain it. Some turfs such as Zoysia grass is very self-sufficient whereas there are others which require heavy watering, regular cutting and treatments.


The amount of sunshine which the lawn will get should also be a key factor in your decision making. Some grasses like Griffin Weeping grass are very tolerant in the shade and that may be the best option if the space doesn’t count on a great deal of sunlight. If the space does get drenched in sunshine then most turf options will be able to thrive, if there is heavy shade however, you’ll have to find the right turf for such conditions.


Consider the amount and the type of use which the grass will see once it is laid down, something else which can indicate which style to pick. Grasses like Soft-leaved buffalo or Kikuyu are able to self-repair following heavy footfall or constant use, so if the garden area will be busy, those should be the type of turfs to look into. However, if the grass will not be walked upon so often, then you can choose one which is more delicate and gives off more of a showy look.

Choosing turf is not as simple as just picking one up, there are many to choose from and each offers various benefits for your lawn.

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How To Choose The Right Variety of Turf for Your Yard

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