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The Most Expensive Developments in The World

10 February 2020

Over the last few decades, the world has seen some extraordinary developments of gargantuan proportions, from theme parks to ones that are out of this world, pushing engineering and human ingenuity to their absolute extremes. Here we take a look at some of the most expensive developments in the world, alongside some of the most extraordinary, from super prime residential developments, to land reclamations, theme parks, and even ones that are out of this world.

10 of the most expensive developments in world

Portier Cove, Monaco

Portier Cove, Monaco - Discover the most expensive developments in the world

Dubbed one of the most ambitious projects in Europe, Portier Cove is a new eco-district in Monaco. Currently under construction, once complete it will be one of the most expensive developments in the world, with Portier Cove’s exclusive villas set to set a new benchmark for super prime real estate. The land reclamation project will expand the city state of Monaco by some six hectares and will include residential apartments, penthouses, villas, a new marina, retail space, and ample green spaces. Additionally, Portier Cove will be a leading green development, in line with Monaco’s goal to be completely carbon-neutral by 2050. Portier Cove will include sophisticated rain recovery systems, e-bike stations, solar energy panels, and thermal pumps.

Hudson Yards, New York City

55 Hudson Yards, New York City luxury real estate

The largest private real estate project in the US, and one of the most expensive developments in the world, Hudson Yards is located in New York City, on the west side of Manhattan. The development, costing some $25 billion, includes a new business district, residential apartments, and retail space. Spanning some 28-acres, the mixed-use development transforms an area of the city that was previously run-down into a new vibrant urban space.

DubaiLand, Dubai UAE

This huge theme park is rising out of the desert in Dubai and, once complete, will be the largest collection of theme parks in the world. Estimated at a cost of more than $64 billion, it will also be one of the most expensive developments in the world. At DubaiLand, thrill seekers will be able to enjoy a theme park experience unlike any other in the world. Construction on the epic project started in 2003, although construction was halted in 2008 amidst the global recession. In 2013 construction resumed and, once completed, will encompass six zones spanning some 107-square-miles.

Dubai Square, Dubai

Another development of epic proportions in the UAE state of Dubai is the newly announced Dubai Square, set to be amongst one of the biggest shopping metropolises and one of the most expensive developments in the world.  Described by developer Emaar as “a disruptive innovation in the retail sector” the mall’s retail space alone will be the equivalent of 100 football pitches. Located in Dubai Creek Harbour, east of Downtown Dubai, the mall is aimed at heralding in a new era of digital and experiential shopping. In addition to the mall’s many shopping highlights it will also include a futuristic amphitheatre, art district, state-of-the-art cinema, waterpark, ice adventure, VR park, and so much more.

International Space Station

International Space Station - Discover the most expensive developments in the world

This out of this world development is not only one of the most expensive developments in the world, it is also one of mankind’s most colossal achievements. The International Space Station took some 12 years to build, with support from 16 nations, costing in excess of $160 billion. A masterpiece of engineering, the International Space Station hovers some 250-miles above Earth and has seen Russian, American, Japanese, Canadian, and European astronauts live and work together, conducting scientific experiments to help mankind better understand the universe we call home.

The Channel Tunnel, UK/France

One of the most spectacular feats of engineering, the Channel Tunnel is the only fixed link between the UK and mainland Europe. Spanning more than 50-kilometers, construction started in 1988. It opened in 1994, costing some $21 billion, making it at the time one of the most expensive developments in the world. Trains speed through the tunnel at more than 150-kilometers per hour, meaning people can travel between France and the UK in just over 30-minutes.

If this curated list of global development projects is anything to go by, the next decade looks set to hearld in some of the most extravagant and exciting new construction projects the world has ever seen.

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