Barclays Pingit: Mobile Payment Service

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Barclays Pingit : Mobile Payment Service

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6 Sep 2012

Pingit Payment Service

Barclays Pingit is the new mobile payment service from Barclays that allows you to send and receive money using just a mobile phone number.

– Anyone can use Barclays Pingit to send or receive money

– Send up to £750 a day to family, friends and small businesses

– The Barclays Pingit app is free to download and use

– Barclays Pingit makes it easier to settle up. Use the new ‘Request a Payment’ service to remind your friends and family about money owed to you

According to the research:

• With over 800,000 downloads of the app, users have transferred around £10,000,000
• The oldest Pingit user is 97
• Average users log in 6 times a week