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Benefits of Plants in the Home & Office : Artificial Greenery Article

24 Jun 2012

Plants inside Buildings

Artificial Plants & Trees

Indoor air pollution and low humidity are now ranked among the top five threats to public health. Every day, while at work in our offices, we are constantly bombarded with toxic fumes from carpets, furniture, cleaning products, computers, printers and photocopies. At home, we strive to limit the amount of toxins we breathe in, but it is difficult and not always feasible to get rid of them completely. Exposure to these chemicals can result in dizziness, nausea, respiratory complaints, blurred vision, or even severe allergic reactions. Unless resolved, this can often lead to poor concentration and even increase in sick leave. Placing air-purifying plants in our office and home can reduce these health complaints significantly.

House Plants do more than just brighten up a room with color and living energy. Along with being pleasing to the eye, they bring real health benefits to your body. Not only do complaints about headaches, stress, heart/circulation-symptoms and colds decrease when indoor plants are present, according to Dr. Leona Rogler in “The comprehensive office series,” but also richly decorating a room with plants can help to keep the air clean.

Although live office plants are well liked, situations and locations aren’t always suitable, if for example the areas are hard to access or have low light levels. In which case artificial plants are a good option, nowadays they are often so life-like that they look like the real thing and require very close inspection to tell them apart.

Plants in the Home - Artificial Plants & Trees
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Seasonal Architecture : article by Trevor Tucker – 15 Feb 2011
“Do you use the front room much,” I ask a friend the other night, over a glass of wine as our kids rumble away upstairs. Six of us are sitting by a huge hearth in his back room mellowing out as the heat makes its way into our bones. “Well, not much…in the summer we’re there a lot.”

This is how my grandmother used to talk. There were rooms in her house that, come winter, were practically off limits. As the sun and temperatures shifted, so did the way you lived inside the big homestead. This is far from the experience of my urban peers. In their sea of tract housing, one can barely notice all the subtle changes of the changing seasons.

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