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1 Sep 2016

Architecture Social Media

E-architect have revitalised their instagram feed with a new, exciting instagram account ( after a few years of absence! Multiple pictures are posted daily showcasing both our freshest projects, and interesting posts from the e-architect archives, along with information and links to the full articles. See details below to follow us, and get your regular fix of stunning, and interesting, architecture. Your comments, suggestions and tags are more than welcome.

Architectural Social Media


we also are on facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest and instagram.

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The website is directed by Adrian Welch & Isabelle Lomholt.

Adrian Welch

Adrian Welch

Adrian completed his Architecture degree in 1992 at Manchester University and graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 1995 with a Diploma in Architecture.

He has worked for architects such as Eva Jiricna, Sir Terence Conran, Richard Murphy, RMJM and Sutherland Hussey.

Isabelle Lomholt

Isabelle Lomholt

Isabelle Lomholt completed her Architecture degree in 1995 at North London University.

She has worked for Hunt Thompson, GRD (Malaysia) and the EAA.

Architectural Tours
Oslo Operahouse
picture : Statsbygg

Dubai Building
U-bora Towers Dubai
image © Aedas Ltd

Zaha Hadid

Modern House
Modern house
photo : Sara Sackner

Building Debate Articles – chronological list

Architecture Social Media

Architectural Articles – Selection:

8 Spruce Street in New York City
425 Park Avenue Competition
Al Hilal Bank Al Maryah Island
Alvaro Siza Architecture
Ambiguity Vulnerability Risk
Architect Engineer Artist
Architectural Aura
Architectural Beauty
Architectural Communication
Architectural Context
Architecture Discussion
Architectural Energy Depletion
Architectural Exhibitions
Architectural Facades
Architectural Growth
Architectural Identity
Architectural Legibility and Didacticism
Architectural Levels
Architectural Materials Depletion
Architectural Mobility
Architectural Narrative
Architectural Personality
Architectural Presentation
Architectural Scale
Architectural Symbolism
Architectural Visualization
Architecture as Spectacle
Architecture Climate
Architecture Context
Architecture Economics
Architecture Fiction
Architecture Masters
Architecture Narrative
Architecture of Spectacle
Atrium Design
Bank Building Design
Barclays Center Brooklyn
BIG Architecture
BIM Procurement
Building Language
Burkina Faso Schools
Chemical Bio-Synthesis of Architecture
Chinese Architectural Development
Chinese City Planning
City Analysis
Climbing Great Buildings
Commodity, Firmness and Delight in Architecture
Connected Buildings
Contemporary Residential Architecture
Contextual Architecture
Copenhagen Harbour Architecture
Cultural Architecture
Cultural and Contextual Identity
Design Narrative
Darling Harbour Redevelopment Sydney
Diagonal Structures
Disability Access Architecture
Disability Access Design
Discrete Residential Architecture
Energy Modeling and Building Simulation
Ethical Architecture
Facelift Architecture
Fire Dynamics Human Behaviour
Fire Safety Design
Fire Safety in Stadiums
Flooding And Climate Change
Florida Housing Crisis
Folly Architecture
Foreclosure Process
Future Energy
Future Homes Gadgets
Futuristic Living Space
Glasgow School of Art Holl Building
Glass Carbon Emissions Reduction
Glass Facades
Glenn Murcutt Wisdom of Elders
Global Built Environment
Globalisation Architecture
Globalized Architecture
Green Architecture
Green Hotel Building Design Abu Dhabi
Heroic Architecture
High Rise Buildings
Holiday Home Rental Insurance
Ski Jump Architecture
Home Design Trends
Hospital Architecture Designs
House Extensions
Icon Building
Integration Segregation Architecture
Interstitial Found Space Memory
Invention in Architecture
Invisible Buildings
J.P. Morgan Library Museum
J.P. Morgan Library Museum Building
A Challenge to our Profession
Landscape Institute
Large Span Translucent Building
LEED Credit System
Living Structure Comes From Patterns Part 1
Living Structure Comes From Patterns Part 2
London Thames Estuary Airport
Low-cost Housing for the Aged
Low-energy Architecture
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Material World
Mexico City Architecture Design
Miesian Architecture
Modernist Architecture
MONA Tasmania
Monumental Buildings
Morgan Library and Museum Access
Morgan Library and Museum Disability Architecture
Nature Architecture
Neuroscience Research on Architecture
New Residential Architecture
New World Architecture
Organic Architecture
Orthogonal Architecture
People Architecture
Performance Architecture
The Persistence of the Absurd
Placebo Architecture
Platform of Arts And Creativity Guimarães
Public Architecture in London
Public Buildings
Public Space
Public Spaces Creation
Radical Architecture
Real Synthetic Architecture
Residential Architecture in Japan
Retail Building Safety
Sculptural Architecture
Seasonal Architecture
Site Specific Buildings
Sizing Identities
Skyscraper Building Design
Structural Marvels of the World
Subterranean Architecture
Sustainable Architecture Climate Change
Tall Buildings by the Thames
Transparent Architecture
Underground Architecture
Unsung Architect Heroes
Urban Buildings
Urban Porosities
Vanity Height Study
Water Architecture
White Architecture
Wolf Prix Venice Biennale
Wood Panel Industry
Architectural Review of 2010
World’s Most Spectacular Train Stations

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