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5 Pool Designs That Will Turn Your Neighbours Green With Envy

22 Nov 2019

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What would your neighbours say if you spent more recreational time in your backyard than in the living room? When they find out that you’re having a refreshing and relaxing summer in your pool, spending some quality time away from the TV and the internet, your neighbours will surely be jealous.

A lot of Australian homeowners are upgrading their in-ground swimming pools with trendy designs. Even those with small lots and backyards are finding pool solutions to change their backyard into a recreation zone.

You can take your summer pool experience to the next level by adding elements of socialising, activity extensions and a whole lot of landscaping to transform your backyard into a party hub. Here are five pool designs that are so trendy, it will make you the neighbourhood’s envy.

  1. Pools with bar sitting and add-on kitchens

Submerged bar stools on one end of your pool can be a great social highlight and a trendy detailing. Imagine swimming up to your drink while an outdoor kitchen or alfresco area caters to some delicious snacks and an ‘arvo’ barbeque. During pool parties, guests who want to stay dry can have fun too with this pool design.

  1. Natural pool set-up

Think of dark pool interiors, rock formations and waterfall features, and landscaped tropical plants or greenery around. This pool design idea will transform your swimming pool experience into a natural waterhole experience, like a lagoon or a tropical pond or an oasis depending on the detailing features. Besides, the dark surface will absorb and retain heat better and running water features will make maintenance and cleaning easier.

  1. Activity extensions

Add a slide to your pool and watch hours slip by the poolside. Children should be outdoors and not near the Wi-Fi and this pool design will make sure of it while making also making them the coolest kid on the block. Install net hoisting poles for some splashing basketball or volleyball time.

  1. Resort experience

Pool designs that recreate the luxury feel of lounging is an upcoming trend. The resort experience is being recreated in backyard pools with clever detailing in pool fencing, pool edging, bullnosing, and decorative concrete, decks, patios and pathways. Add submerged tanning ledges called sun-shelf, or spa-like soaking tubs to lend a high-end feel.

  1. Small pool designs

Plunge pools with added depth allow for some serious swimming activity and can also accommodate swim jets. A pool designed like an oversized spa looks quite modern and allows for many detailing options. Compact pool designs heat up fast so you can soak in the pool throughout the year.

If you have pool installation, upgrading or redesigning in mind, don’t hesitate to contact the experts in Maple Pools shop for more ideas. From swimming pool set-up to maintenance, new technology in cleaning and filtration, heating and lighting, water features and remote-controlled operations, Maple Pools can rig a pool for you that will be the envy of all your neighbours!

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