World Architecture News – March 2007: Buildings across the Globe

Global Architecture News March 2007

Architectural Design Developments in Mar 2007 – World Built Environment

Global Architecture News – March 2007

World Architectural Highlights in Mar 2007

St Andrew Square : gareth hoskins architects

Hazelwood School Building : gm+ad

New York buildings : photos

Singapore Tower : OMA

Folkwang Museum : David Chipperfield

Gameworld : Leeser Architecture

Taiyuan buildings : Atkins

Ten Museum Park : Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Ten Museum Park is an exploration of the hedonistic possibilities of architecture in a futuristic tropical playground of urban sophistication. This project represents the rare opportunity when imagination and reality fuse to create new luxuries and experiences beyond fantasy. A crisp, well proportioned exoskeleton engages a pure crystalline volume soaring 50 stories above the bay—a dynamic beacon for the majestic cruise ships as they return from their voyages around the globe. Framing fragments of water, city and sky, every personal and communal space within the complex was designed to serve as a backdrop for life in its most beautiful form.

Cube Miami : Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Knut Hamsun Center : Steven Holl

Key Buildings featured:

Singapore Tower
Singapore Tower
Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai : Building images + architecture information
Burj Dubai Building
image from Emaar

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English Architecture

French Architecture

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Irish Architecture

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