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Regione Lazio Headquarters Nursery School, Rome, Italy
Date designed: 2011-
Regione Lazio Nursery School
image from architecture firm
Nursery School Rome : Regione Lazio Headquarters
The winning project’s aim of studioUAP is to welcome children in a peaceful place able to stimulate curiosity like in a garden. Once you step inside, a magic dimension arises from the unconventional entrance hall: trees scattered everywhere mark all the children’s areas. The entrance hall has a symbolic spacial value as a transition from the family life to the educational community where children and educators interact.

studioUap – Key Projects

Key Buildings by studio Uap, alphabetical:

Corviale Recreation Centre, Rome, Italy
Date built: 2005-08
Design: with Land srl
Corviale Recreation Centre
image from architect firm

Recreation Centre Rome
The project for the renovation of the Public Park and the new Children’s Centre next to the Corviale Housing in the outskirts of Rome, designed by LAND Srl and StudioUAP, has been awarded with a special prize in occasion of the Fifth edition of the Innovation and Urban Quality Prize ( The project has been fostered by the XVI Department of the City of Rome within the “Contratto di Quartiere II – Corviale”.

Nursery School, Rome, Italy
Date built: 2004-08
Design with Ecosfera Spa
Nursery School Rome
image from architect office

Nursery School Rome
From the outside the building is very different from the rest of the existing buildings in the district, so it can be easily distinguished also by children. The plan is generated by curved shapes which give richness to the inner space and increase children’s curiosity.

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