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Space Group Architecture News, chronological:

Space Group won the Oslo City Architecture Award, Norway

17 Oct 2013 – On Wednesday October 16th Space Group won the Oslo City Architecture Award (Oslo Bys Arkitekturpris) for the project Nedregate Culture District:
Signal Mediahus
photograph : Ivan Brodey
The award was announced by the mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, at Oslo City Hall and honors outstanding architecture in Oslo.

The jury said:
“In dialogue with conservation authorities, the redevelopment of the former textilefactory from the 1890s has been transformed and given new life with a wide range of cultural activities. The project demonstrates innovation both in conservation as well as architectural and building solutions. In a careful and exemplary way the past and present are linked, for the future.”

Honorable mentions to the two other finalists; Astrup Fearnley Museum and Villa Sømme.

Madla Revheim Masterplan, Stavenger, Norway
Design: MVRDV + Space Group
Madla Revheim Masterplan Norway
image from architects

Madla Revheim Masterplan – 7 May 2013
Alongside three other teams, MVRDV and Space Group presented their proposal for a new masterplan for Madla-Revheim outside Stavanger, Norway this week. Madla-Revheim is the main development area outside Stavanger, for which MVRDV and Space Group were to implement 4000 housing units on the 780 acres site area, in addition to public programs and sports facilities.

Nordic Built Challenge Competition – international architecture contest
Design by Space Group
Nordic Built Challenge Competition Design
image : Tegmark
Nordic Built Challenge Competition – 16 Apr 2013
Space Group is one of four finalists of 26 entries in the international competition Nordic Built Challenge for Postgirobygget, an extension of an existing high-rise building in Oslo. Nordic Built Challenge aims to identify good ideas for how buildings can be transformed in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective manner.

Signal Mediahus, Oslo, southern Norway
Architects: Space Group
Signal Mediahus Oslo Building
photo : Vegard Kleven

Signal Mediahus Norway – 15 Apr 2013
Refurbishment of the former industrial building designed by architects Ove Ekman and Einar Smith and completed 1899. This area along the Akers River was historically referred to as Ny York (New York) due to its explosive development in 1858. Today the area reflects a transformation towards a district focused on art, architecture and design.

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, northern Norway
Architects: Space Group
Clarion Hotel Building Norway
photo : Peter Hebeisen

Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim – 28 Feb 2013
Unlike the classical American and Asian hotel atrium where everything is exposed in a centralized and vertical, magnificent but one-dimensional experience under a glass cover – the lobby is here given a 3-dimensional and dynamic spatial experience with a programmed roof, and a sequence of shifts between glimpse and panorama, intimacy and spectacular exposure. The hotel bears references to the local city fabric of Trondheim in the combination between the large structural lines and the small intimate ‘ally’.

Luftfartstilsynet Bodø, Norway
Space Group Architects
Luftfartstilsynet Bodø Building
image © SpaceGroup / Jeroen Musch

Luftfartstilsynet Bodø – 1 Jun 2012
Building a new headquarter for Luftfartstilsynet is a challenge in creating a place for an uprooted organization, transplanted from Oslo to Bodø, and in doing so, building a new office culture. The site, a compact waterfront property, is hidden from its street address by the recently completed NAV building.

Space Group – Key Project

Rupp Arena Master Plan, Kentucky, USA
Rupp Arena Lexington
picture : Mir

Rupp Arena Master Plan – 13 Mar 2012
SPACE GROUP ARCHITECTS in Oslo, Norway, have in January completed the master plan for Lexington´s Arena, Arts and Entertainment District in Kentucky. The project is led by founding partner Gary Bates (US). Legendary Rupp Arena is the biggest venue made for the sole purpose of basketball in the country. Space Group was selected, over 13 other architectural firms, by a committee of the Arena, Arts and Entertainment District 47-member Task Force, including citizens from across the community and the state.

More Space Group projects online soon

Location:Hausmannsgate 16. 0182 Oslo, Norway