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Key Designs by Söhne und Partner Architekten, chronological:

updated 21 Jul 2016 ; 16 Mar 2016
Kunsthistorisches Museum Cafe and Bistro – Design Study, Vienna, Austria
Kunsthistorisches Museum Cafe and Bistro
image from architect
1090 Rochus Wien
The focus of the Cafe is set in the center of the dome hall. To emphasize the outstanding center of the place and its characteristic setting, the whole design is oriented on the centerpiece. By arranging the furniture in the room a certain way, easy and direct access to the center and an excellent view down into the arrival hall and the restaurant is ensured.

1090 Rochus, Bauernfeldplatz, Vienna, Austria
Design: Söhne & Partner Architekten
1090 Rochus Vienna
photo : Severin Wurnig

1090 Rochus Wien – 24 Apr 2013
When planning this building the instructors made a great effort to include all different requirements in the project without, however, neglecting the idea of a unified architectural line. So when the general refurbishment on Bauernfeldplatz in 1090 Vienna started it was important to connect the different levels and to open up the restaurant towards the road space in the foreground. A special element of the building is the 1913 built and still existing sun garden. Rather than putting it down because of his ongoing decrepitude we decided to keep and rehabilitate it.

United Bank of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Design: Söhne und Partner Architekten with BET architects
United Bank of Addis Ababa Building
image from architect

United Bank of Addis Ababa – 27 Feb 2013
United bank represented in units coming together in to a single entity in a seamless fashion. These units are the shares that make up the bank. Shares are the people that came together to make this bank a reality. These units cluster into capsules which then recollect to a single entity expressing unity of units.

Albertina Passage, Vienna, Austria
Albertina Passage
photo : Severin Wurnig
Söhne & Partners – latest building : added 2 Apr 2012
The main challenge at Albertina Passage was to recreate an abandoned pedestrian underpass at the very center of Vienna into a modern dinner club for up to 300 persons. Our target was to design a club that is suitable for an elegant dinner as well as for a big party night. Hence, the design includes live music, a restaurant and a lounge. Our idea was to include these functions in one concept.

Inside Fashion Store, Vienna, Austria
Inside Fashion Store
photo : Severin Wurnig
Fashion Store Vienna – added 28 Mar 2012
This new Viennese store is located in Vienna’s Neubaugasse. Inside Fashion store presents fashion by international designers. Söhne & Partner Architects tried to design the interior in a discreet but appealing way. One challenge was the size of the new shop. Only 100m² now appear to be much more extensive.

Söhne & Partners – Major Design

Regent Emirates Pearl, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Emirates Pearl
picture : miss 3
Regent Emirates Pearl
In close proximity to the world-famous Emirates Palace, at Corniche Road – the beach promenade – a premium location in the centre of Abu Dhabi, the planned hotel aims to position and prove itself among high-class business hotels.

Key Projects by Söhne & Partners Architects

Buildings by Söhne & Partners, alphabetical:

Hotel Caldor, Seedörfl, Münchendorf, Austria
Hotel Caldor
photo : Severin Wurnig
Hotel Caldor
Seedörfl is a small collection of houses, the surrounding landscape is flat. To the northeast the federal highway B16 cuts through the fields. The two-storey folded volume of the building with its projecting snout, bedrooms on the first floor and striking perforated bands along the façade looks like a built logo.

Code Unique Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Code Unique Hotel Dubai
image : miss 3
Code Unique Hotel
Once Paul Auster said – “the settler way westward through the whole American continent always going against the sunset – was there motor to discover the continent. Arriving at the pacific, the way westward found his end – but then they found a new way to explore their dreams, to give their illusions a possibility to go on, they found it in creating movies”.

Hügelland – Halle, St. Margarethen an der Raab Building, Austria

Hügelland – Halle
render : miss 3
Hügelland Halle
The task of the competition was to create an addition to the existing town hall. The new part had to host apartments and a new event hall. To create a concise sign for the township was one of the main focuses. The positioning of the hall, the location of the entrance is set to create a lively outdoor space as a regional market square.

Lightsails Millstättersee, Carinthia, Austria

photo : Gisela Erlacher
Lightsails Millstättersee
Lightsails as guiding symbols for the exhibition around the Millstaetter lake, Austria. The lighthouse is used as a metaphor to guide the visitors around the different exhibitions. Nowadays the lighthouse is used as a symbol of holidays, sea, adventure and water.

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