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Contemporary Egyptian Architecture Practice

Latest Building by Shahira H. Fahmy

Delfina Foundation Expansion, Victoria, London, UK
Design: studio octopi and Shahira Fahmy
Delfina Foundation
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Delfina Foundation
The Delfina Foundation has recently undergone a major £1.4m expansion, to make it the largest artist residency provider in London when it reopens in January 2014.
The project’s architects are Chris Romer-Lee and James Lowe, directors of London-based Studio Octopi (‘Small Project – Architect of the Year’ finalist, Architect of the Year Awards 2013) with Shahira Fahmy.

Shahira H. Fahmy – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Shahira H. Fahmy, alphabetical:

Pyramids Heights House, Giza, Egypt
Egyptian Property
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Shahira H. Fahmy Architects: Giza building

House on the Outskirts of Cairo, Egypt
Egyptian Residence
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Shahira H. Fahmy Architects: Cairo building

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